Period 17: Black Forum
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Period 17
Volume 5
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Black Forum is the 17th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 1st chapter in the volume 5 manga.

Premise[edit | edit source]

Frustrated with her friend Eiko, Misa vents with the use of the anonymous school forum to badmouth her behind her back. But one day she suddenly finds herself the target of others cruelty and attempts to discover who it is.

Yomi's Introduction[edit | edit source]

Yomi sits in a classroom and observes the Reader. She brings up how stress builds in a world full of drama with friends, relationships, school, and work. She asks them how they would release this stress.

Summary[edit | edit source]

After school Misa and her friends discuss heading to the subway to get some photo stickers. Noriko points out that Misa really likes this location, but her friend Eiko thinks it's too old-fashioned. She suggests they check out the new location built at the front of the station. Noriko agrees that this could be fun too, unaware that Misa is frustrated.

As soon as she gets home Misa complains and throws her bag aside, storming into her room. As she turns on her computer she complains over Eiko ruining everything, venting her annoyance on a forum set up for their middle school. It's a place for students to complain anonymously and de-stress. She writes about how much Eiko pisses her off and how she would like for her to disappear, and to her surprise someone replies to the thread. She's surprised, but delighted knowing that she can keep going until her mom shows up, scolding Misa for wasting so much time on the internet when she should be studying. She leaves in a huff, but Misa can't understand what the big deal is since it helps her calm down. It isn't like she can take it out on her, and if other people feel the way she does and it helps, then it should be okay.

She continues browsing when she finds a curious topic about someone named Tamura Misa, which she finds strange since it's her name but in reverse. To her alarm she finds seven-hundred-something replies in the topic about how much they hate her and wishes she was dead, and Misa becomes extremely nervous while reading them; including one post claiming that she faked a stomach-ache to get out of cleaning duty today. Which she insists was real to herself. It's then her mom calls her for dinner. She convinces herself that this can't be a topic about her, then she shuts off the computer.

Misa remains on edge as she goes to school the next day. She asks her friends if there is a celebrity with the name Tamura Misa, causing them to laugh thinking she was making a joke. They leave to visit the restroom and she pulls up the forum using her phone to find the topic has been updated, the posts mocking her for thinking so highly of herself now. Seeing a poster provide her address and phone number makes panic begin setting in as her friends return. They were the only ones who know her personal information, and there's no denying it is about her. She is aware that Eiko makes complaints about her on the forum, but the idea that her friends would take it this far causes her paranoia and come to the conclusion that they can't be trusted.

After school she rushes home, locking the front door and hurriedly getting back onto the computer. While trying to determine who is responsible for this, she notes the constant poster in the topic is someone who hasn't been at school for the past few weeks. She goes on to see another post in the topic regarding their offline meeting and decides it would be foolish not to investigate. On the day of the meeting she puts on a disguise and heads to the diner they listed in the topic. But she waits there for hours and nobody shows up; other then a group of salary men. She sadly heads home and gets back on the computer while wondering what happened, but to her alarm she finds pictures of her from the diner. The haters update the topic tease her for not seeing them and she throws the computer aside, cracking it's screen in the process. She deduces it couldn't have been her friends or else she would have seen them, but she isn't able to think of who, or what else could be responsible.

Further paranoid, Misa refuses to leave home and makes up an excuse to avoid going to school. Her mom isn't happy, but she lets it go and heads off to work after reminding her to take her medicine and rest. Misa remains huddled beneath her blanket, too terrified to come out while regretting the fact she never told her mother what was going on. She was very angry about the computer, but she wishes she had spoken up. When she starts feeling hungry she leaves for the kitchen, but she notices a newspaper article related to the missing student at school, Miruka Saitou. She was found deceased, slumped over her notebook. They theorized it was a sudden heart-attack but the exact cause is unknown. Misa is confused after noticing the date, there is no possible way that this poster can be her.

In her bedroom, Misa is alarmed when her computer turns back on, given the damage done to it. She is horrified as she reads the constantly updating thread; the posters know she's hiding at home and they plan on confronting her. She reads over several posters names and she begins to recognize them as other girls who rampaged on the forum, like herself. She then sees that the mysterious posters are approaching her home, and as they get closer she gets up to lock her front door. She waits but nothing happens as she wonders if these girls fell victim to something. The door handle begins to move and in a panic she retreats back to her room. The computer has turned off again- her frightened reflection is visible as ghost girls surround her.

Later. Noriko and Eiko, with their other friend Ryo are at the diner chatting about Misa. Eiko is well-aware of Misa's complaints about her on the forum, then she remarks that she complained too much. As Ryo and Noriko to wonder if its possible Misa is actually deceptive like that. Noriko becomes anxious as Eiko teasingly brings up the difficulty in reading a persons true feelings. She asks the girls if they write poorly about her too, causing Noriko quickly looks over to her phone. She wonders if Eiko is aware she contributes to the topic Misa started about her.

To her surprise, she sees a topic has been started about her. The original poster is named Misa.

Yomi's Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Yomi is momentarily distracted until she turns to find the Reader, getting up to greet them while not saying anything about what she was doing. Her computer screen is shown, revealing that she is chatting with two girls named Mio and Anna. Mio feels bad for Misa, and Anna asks if Noriko is going to be the next target. Yomi states that this is a story for another time.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Misa Tamura
  • Eiko
  • Noriko Yamamori
  • Mrs. Tamura
  • Ryo-chan
  • Miruka Saitou
  • Mio (cameo)
  • Anna (cameo)

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mio from The Devil's Game, and Anna from The Kind Mama's House make cameos in this chapters ending as the girls Yomi is chatting with online.
    • This is the first and only time in the series when characters appear outside of their chapter.
  • This chapter shares similarities with Blog of God:
    • Both involve frequent use of the computer.
    • Both involve ghosts harassing their victims.
    • There is a girl mysteriously found dead in both.

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