Period 20: Best Friend
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Period 20
Volume 5
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Best Friend is the 20th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 4th chapter in the volume 5 manga.


A lonely girl struggles to make friends. But one day she begins to get mysterious letters that make her feel better- but as she starts improving the letters become disturbing.

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi is dressed in a school uniform on her way to class, walking with the other students while saying its the new school term and it's time to change classes. She curiously asks the readers if they had made friends yet.


Miho observes two schoolmates while preparing to leave school. She is approached by a teacher who mentions she hasn't turned in a co-curricular form yet and mentions that there are a lot of friends in them, so she is sure she can find one.

While walking home Miho thinks about how she used to have a lot of friends during grade school. But she became withdrawn and shy, and fears its too late to try now that most of the class has formed its own friend groups. She observes some girls from her class up ahead as they chat about the school uniform and various other things, but she decides not to join in out of concern they would find her annoying. She is further surprised as she hears the girls address each other by their first names while walking in another direction from them, and upon approaching a small statue she begins to make conversation with it, explaining how it's the only thing she can talk to lately. She sadly stares at it while a few uneasy male students walk by to observe her.

Miho wishes she could have a friend; even if it was just one.

The next day Miho worriedly thinks about the curricular activities and how to handle it. She would rather avoid school than deal with them, but just then two girls approach her to inform her that a friend stopped by the school entrance for her. Miho is very confused and she heads out to find a piece of paper that has "Miho-chan, are you doing well?" written on it. She wonders if perhaps this is a prank after she looks to find nobody nearby, but the same thing happens after school ends as well. This time the paper has been left in a cubby hole and it says "I want to see Miho-chan". Miho asks the girl if she remembers anything about the person who is doing this, but the girl is unable to provide a clear answer and seems just as confused.

Miho thinks about this "person" at home and wonders if it could be Aika, her childhood friend from elementary school. They don't get to see each other very much now because Aika was sent to a private school, so it's possible it could be her. Unsure of any other possibilities, Miho heads into the kitchen to find her mom making dinner, and she asks if Aika has called lately. Her mother doesn't think so, but she recalls running into her mom recently. She was telling her that Aika has been struggling to adjust to her new school. Miho feels relieved as this helps support her theory. 

While making her way to school, Miho wonders why Aika would resort to sending letters when they could just meet in person, but she stops to inform the statue of her newfound happiness.

From that day on, the letters began to show up after school near the entrance. Miho finds one waiting for her and happily picks it up to read, deciding to write down a response after the person writes "As usual I'm really lonely, what about Miho-chan?".

She wishes they could talk in person, but she's happy at least having this option and she's been feeling better. Until two boys walk by to find her doing it and one of them snatches the letter to see what she said, reading over it before remarking that she couldn't possibly have a pen pal. She claims they are wrong, but as they rudely point out never seeing anyone taking or leaving notes, she must be faking it. They begin to laugh, causing Miho to cry until another girl rushes to her side and smacks one of the boys with a rolled up booklet. She tells him off and returns Miho's note to her once they leave, explaining that the reason she's being made fun of is because of how happy she has been lately. It just looks suspicious to the others. She suggests Miho tries to speak in person with this writer, then quickly apologizes for being nosy.

Later, Miho shyly approaches the girl -Okada- to thank her for her assistance. Okada invites Miho to join her on the way to their next class and she agrees when two other girls join them, and Okada introduces them as her friens. They recall knowing people who went to her elementary school and one girl confesses that she assumed Miho liked to be alone, but because she can respond to them so easily she is happy this isn't the case. Miho tries to explain that she has a tendency to space out at times, and she becomes very flustered as the girls seem to genuinely like her, calling her cute and finding her shyness to be amusing.

Because of this Miho is able to join a club and she is much happier. Now that she's made friends she realized that she would have been better off if she had just plucked up her courage when they first met. As she's spent a lot of time with them lately, she hasn't been replying to the recent letters. She had the intention but other things kept getting in the way.

As she makes her way home one day Miho talks to her new friends about the letters after it gets brought up. She is convinced its Aika, but now they won't be doing it anymore, even though she would like to see Aika still. She feels a lot better now.

Miho walks past the statue and this time doesn't seem to achnowledge it, and when she gets home she begins to unpack her items as her mom walks by to collect her gym clothing. She then recalls speaking with Aika's mother again, and she brings up that Aika recently made some friends too. This leads Miho to feel better knowing she isn't giving her old friend the brush-off, but for some reason she is still getitng the letters; expressing shock when one falls out of her school bag. She opens it to see "Tomorrow, I will be coming to see Miho-chan".

That night Miho failed to get much sleep, very curious and wondering if it was Aika or not. She makes her way to school but finds nobody there, then she recalls that her first period was optional as she observes the board. She is startled as she approaches her desk to patiently wait, where she discovers "Miho-chan" scrawled all over it in ink. She initially assumes it's only a joke until she looks closer to recognize it matches the writing in the letters she has been getting, and she hears sound coming from the hallway- like someone is walking to the room. She steps towards the door to get a closer look, but she sees nobody there.

As soon as Miho turns around she looks to find the statue calling for her, and it's grown in size. Before she can react, she is thrown into the nearby row of desks, and she realizes this is the same statue she walks by every day and used to speak to. She remembers a few days ago when the girl mentioned being unable to identify this person before observing her desk again, wondering if it's possible this has been the statues doing. It begins to get closer and out of fright Miho throws a book at it- which rebounds right off of it. She tries running away but the statue launches itself at her and pushes her over, causing Miho to desperately cry for help as it grows heavier and continues smashing into her back, causing her pain and spraying blood while repeatedly calling her name. After breaking her back, it comes to a stop as she loses consciousness.

After school, Miho's friends are making their way home when they decide to pay her home a visit. She didn't show up for school so they assume she must be sick. As they walk by the statue they notice something different about it, and they see it how has a friend attached to it; causing them joy upon realizing it isn't lonely anymore. They then continue on, unaware of the tears seeping from the new statues eye.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Looking up from her book, Yomi mentions how Miho and the statue will be bonded forever now. It was lonely and had found a friend in her, and she observes a group of girls nearby before telling everyone to work hard in this new term to make friends.





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