Period 21: The Slit Mouthed Woman
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Period 21
Volume 6
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The Slit Mouthed Woman is the 21st chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 1st chapter in the volume 6 manga.


Miya, a young girl with a penchant for scary story telling dislikes her new teacher and begins to uncover a secret that might just turn the whole class against her...

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

After hours in class Yomi talks about the Slit Mouthed Woman, an urban legend that caused several children to not want to leave their homes some years back. She smiles and mentions that the slit mouthed woman has reappeared.


Its a warm summers day in class, and Miya begins to tell everyone the story of the slit mouthed woman. She appears before people and will ask if she is beautiful- if they say yes she will remove her mask to reveal her scary face, and if the person runs away she will catch up to them and kill them; but if the person says she is ugly, she kills them quicker with her hand-held scythe. Since her appearance, students have become so scared that for a long while everyone would leave in groups.

As her friends and classmates admire the story she finds herself observing a nearby classmate, Endou, causing her friends to begin teasing her, saying that she likes telling stories to get noticed by boys. Miya claims this isn't true before she begins to chat about Endou with her friend as they wash their hands. He's really popular, and with so many cute girls having a crush on him in class she knows she doesn't stand a chance. The topic shifts to the slit mouthed woman again and the girls wonder if she is still around when suddenly, they notice a reflection in the mirror near them and turn to run right into a woman, who apologizes and asks if she is in class 1 of the sixth grade. When they confirm she is, another staff member comes by to introduce the woman as a fill-in while their normal teacher is away on maternity leave.

The class is quickly lit abuzz whispering about her, and even Miya finds herself impressed due to her beautiful looks. Akamiya -the teacher- listens as she receives many questions from the class and she is asked if she knows of the slit mouthed woman, but when she admits to being easily scared one of Miya's male classmates suggests that from now on they don't tell anymore scary stories. Akamiya is happy to feel so welcome in a class of considerate students, unaware of how mad the girls are.

During break, Miya and her friend observe Akamiya while discussing her, admitting that she is cutesy and pretty- but they accuse her of getting carried away as they watch many guys surround her. Miya is disappointed seeing that even Endou appears to like her.

With stacks of papers in their hands, the girls make their way down a hall while hoping that Takada-sensei will return soon. But just then Miya bumps into Endou, who sees the papers and offers to lend them a hand. She initially considers his offer, thinking about how kind he is and accepts; but she is crushed under the assumption he only did it to speak to Akamiya, who was at the office. She sadly returns to class after watching them interact, where her friend teasingly suggests they come up with a nickname for Akamiya. She suggests they call her "the slit mouthed woman" because she always wears a facial mask due to pollen allergies.

Miya wasn't sure of herself but she eventually agrees, however, their nickname began spreading like wild fire. Eventually this turned into nasty rumors; like that she used to chase young children, and the reason she moved around so much was because she would get caught.

One day Akamiya happens to overhear students discussing her and the rumors. As this is going on, Miya and her friends are busy cleaning after class discussing the rumors and how they are probably fake- but several first years started believing it. Miya, concerned the rumors could be true decides they should investigate for proof. Uneasily the girls make their way into the staff room and open her locker to find strong perfume and fashion magazines- with Miya claiming she's nothing more than a self-absorbed woman until digging further to discover a red coat and a bladed tool, which frightens the trio.

They rush to the classroom unaware that Akamiya was observing them, where the frightened girls inform everyone of what they saw. Initially nobody wants to believe the girls, but with the mounting proof against their fill-in Teacher they can only come to the same conclusion as Miya. While she outwardly appears worried, she begins to think about how her plan has worked, noticing that even Endou seems worried. She is sure he will stop being her friend now, revealing that it was her who had been spreading rumors around school, and that she hid the coat and tool in her locker to find later with her friends.

By now Akamiya's popularity has diminished, and Miya feels so much better. But she finds herself caught off guard after the girls in her class decide they need to do something about her being there before she can hurt anyone else. She tries to convince them that they really don't need to but out of fear that she could be dangerous, they refuse to listen to her or their male classmates, who attempt to difuse their anger. The girls are too stubborn to listen, convinced by the boys have been manipulated tell them to stay quiet.

When class resumes, Akamiya instructs a student -Kouyama- to read the next part in their textbooks. As this is going on Miya can tell the atmosphere of the room has become tense, with everyone on-guard and anxious. But she is the only one aware of it, and when school comes to an end she is approached by some friends, so she suggests they head home. But when Akamiya calls for her to speak in private they all appear worried.

Akamiya leads Miya into the staff room, where she starts to apologize for keeping her from heading home. When Miya spots the items she planted in her locker earlier she begins to worry that she's in trouble, but to hr surprise Akamiya says that she would like to be friends with Miya. Because of her looks this same thing always happens to her, she just can't get along with other girls; as much as she would like to. This causes Miya to ask why her why she bothers even trying to be a teacher in that case, and Akamiya explains that this is because of her love for children. Miya is surprised to hear this and realizes that she was completely wrong about their substitute teacher; she isn't flirty and full of herself like they thought, she's just naturally affectionate and friendly, which makes others read her the wrong way.

When Akamiya asks if they can shake hands and be friends from now on, Miya agrees and takes off. While making her way through the corridor she seems relieved to know that Akamiya isn't a bad person, but from where she stands she notices her female classmates in the opposite hallway, wielding objects like baseball bats and metal pipes. She panics upon realizing they are heading in the direction she left from and tries to call out to them from the window she is by, but they can't hear her. She freezes in place unsure of what to do, realizing that while she doesn't want Akamiya to get hurt, everyone will be angry with her if she confesses the truth; especially Endou. She's sure he would hate her.

Unwilling to make that risk, Miya turns a blind eye and runs away.

Sometime after this, Miya was approached by the police for questioning regaring the incident. Akamiya was beaten up to the point of being hospitalized from her injuries, and she is still there now. Meanwhile, her female classmates were put into counceling, as well as some grief-stricken boy classmates. It's been a month since then, and now only Miya and a few male classmates remain. Besides the quiet atmosphere life has returned to normal.

Meanwhile, staff at the Hospital discuss what happened to poor Akamiya and how she was victimized by a group of girl students. Even surgery won't be enough to fix the damage done to her face. Just then, a doctor rushes in to inform them that she has gone missing and they return to find her room empty while apologizing profusely for not keeping a better eye on her like they were told. They find the words "Pretty face" scribbled on the walls and express concern at the mess left behind.

With another school day over Miya prepares to head home. She observes the approaching storm clouds and decides she must hurry up; but suddenly she bumps into a woman wearing a red coat. She is shocked as the woman stands before her with empty eyes and a bandage covered mouth, holding a hand scythe.

Time passes and a group of young girls are discussing the story of the slit mouthed woman. However they find some amusement in it and share a laugh, only for one of the girls to appear startled. They stop to see a woman matching the description standing nearby, although she is shown to keep distance from them as she asks "Am I beautiful?".

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi watches as the slit mouthed woman goes by her. She explains how the present day one had been resurrected through the darkness and hatred in humanity. She then excitedly wonders what kind of monster will be born next and tells everyone to look forward to it.




  • The Girl Under The Bed is referenced in this story, having been a prior story by Miya. Someone asks her crush if he heard of it before and he replies it was in "some manga", referencing the series.
  • This period is similar to Period 26: Scarecrow Teacher:
    • Both Protagonist lash out at their female teachers for petty reasons.
    • Both receive karmic punishment at the end of the story.
    • Both Protagonist names start with M.


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