Period 23: The Day I Became A Demon - Part 1
Zekkyou gakkyuu 23
Period 23
Volume 6
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The Day I Became A Demon - Part 1 is the 23rd chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 3rd chapter in the volume 6 manga.


Kana and Erika are best friends; but after an incident with a bully, Kana suddenly finds herself the target of cruelty from Erika.


One day on their way to school, friends Kana and Erika discuss the rumor of there being a ghost on the second floor of the old school block. If you write your name on the roll left in one of the classroom then a wish will come true. Erika doesn't really believe this rumor as it sounds fake, and after Kana suggests they try it out and see she refuses. Kana teasingly accuses Erika of being scared, causing her to hurriedly take back her words.

Since grade school Kana and Erika have been friends. They are very close and everything they do is the same naturally; like choosing the same bags for middle school and charms. Their friendship had no bounds.

One day during swimming Erika finds Kana in the classroom and an is surprised she's skipping it as well. Kana claims she has stomach pains, although she is evidently faking it as she didn't want to do anything without Erika. Erika suggests they play volleyball then and Kana joins her in the gym.

Their game goes well until Erika hits the ball too hard, sending it rolling into the locker room. Kana chases after it when she happens to hear a few girls chatting about a third year on the basketball team. She easily determines that they must skip this period often due to how carefree they appear, but she is joined by Erika who warns her to ignore them. She explains how Tsukamoto attends the same cram school but she's not good company. As Kana observes them, one suddenly notices her and reports this to her friend, causing them to begin snickering.

For some reason Kana had a bad feeling something was to happen, and she expresses disappointment when school ends and Erika informs her that she isn't heading home yet. She got assigned Day Monitor so she will be there for a while. Seeing how sad Kana looks, Erika recalls that they made plans to visit the brand new manga shop that opened recently. To make it up to her she offers to hang out the next day, then they go shopping for new charms.

Kana is willing to accept this and she takes off, only to bump into Tsukamoto. They recognize her from earlier and knowing she is a good friend of Erika's they ask if she speaks poorly about them. Kana quickly says no and while they accept the answer, they ask that she inform them if Erika suddenly starts. They attempt to rile Kana up by claiming that despite how she acts, Erika isn't a good person. Angered, Kana asks why they would say something so mean but they brush her off.

That night Kana struggles to sleep as she thinks about the confrontation with Tsukamoto and her friend. She wishes she had just ignored them as Erika advised her, but she calms down as she decides to let Erika know the next day.

The following day as the heavy rain pours a worn out Kana runs to school. She is exhausted due to oversleeping, but she is surprised when she doesn't see Erika waiting for her like usual, but she continues inside until she locates her desk; which has been tipped over and all of its contents spilled onto the floor. She realizes Tsukamoto and her friend were the cause after hearing them begin to laugh at her nearby, but as she goes to tell them off she discovers that not only are a few of their girl classmates with them, but Erika. Before she can respond, one girl makes the suggestion to just ignore Kana and the others agree, deciding that if any other girl speaks to her they will be ignored as well.

In little time the classroom becomes divided, with Kana confused and alone as she realizes every other girl has taken their side.

She can only helplessly wonder what happened, when suddenly, she awakens teary-eyed in her bedroom. To her relief Kana finds her mom, who woke her up noticing how upset she was, and realizing that she was only having a nightmare, Kana calms down. 

Or so she thought.

Kana leaves for school and arrives to her usual meeting spot to find Erika isn't there, and when she arrives to school to find scribbles now covering her desk, along with papers with insulting remarks and pictures she comes to the sad conclusion that it was very real. Again the girls keep distant from her while mocking her as she tries to remain calm through her tears wondering why Erika would suddenly turn on her. She can't determine what could have happened to make everyone hate her like this, and as far as she knows she didn't do anything wrong either.

She is approached by a Teacher, who notices how sickly she looks and asks if she is okay, but knowing she would regret speaking out Kana claims she is fine. Once class ends Kana visits the washroom while thinking about how much of an outcast she's become so soon. Every girl has been ignoring her after Tsukamoto said to, and she can't understand any of it.

Arriving to her next class, Kana is further upset to find a few girls drawing a crude image on her desk of her and the teacher, but when she reminds them that she didn't say anything they run off. She is horrified when she goes to get her bag to find her special plush charm she got with Erika recently has been destroyed, and she openly weeps before noticing Erika wielding a pair of scissors. She demands an explanation for why she would do this given how special the charm was to them, but rather than answer Erika bluntly tells her to deal with it. When she asks again, Erika remarks that it would be stupid of her to defend her and get bullied too. If Kana can't handle school then she shouldn't bother to even show up; words that deeply shake Kana. She remembers the promise they made at the beginning of the school year as Kanamoto and her friends arrive to collect Erika, who mockingly suggests that if she's so unhappy, she should go to that old block to make a wish. Kana sadly observes Erika to realize that as a further stab to the back, she has swapped out her old bag with one to match the other girls.

As the rain continues to pour, Kana makes her way up to that old block with her destroyed bag. She looks through the remnants of the room as a girl with long black hair is shown observing her, but she remains in the hall as Kana suddenly finds the roll book. She remembers her discussion with Erika about it a few days ago and opens it to find several names within it, but as she starts writing down something she recalls other precious memories with Erika prior to them attending middle school. She openly weeps again, only to stop when she sees Erika's name within the book; which is a big surprise considering her attempts to deny the rumor in the first place.

Further pushed into anger, Kana asks why Erika would do this and she writes her name over Erika's in big, bold letters, then she makes a wish for her to disappear. Suddenly, Kana hears laughter and it begins to fill the room.

She realizes that as of today she will become a demon.





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