Period 23: The Day I Became A Demon - Part 1
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Period 23
Volume 6
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The Day I Became A Demon - Part 1 is the 23rd chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 3rd chapter in the volume 6 manga.


Kana and Erika are best friends; but after an incident with a bully, Kana suddenly finds herself the target of cruelty from Erika.


One day on their way to school, friends Kana and Erika discuss the rumor of there being a ghost on the second floor of the old school block. If you write your name on the roll left in one of the classroom then a wish will come true. Erika doesn't really believe this rumor as it sounds fake, and after Kana suggests they try it out and see she refuses. Kana teasingly accuses Erika of being scared, causing her to hurriedly take back her words.

Since grade school Kana and Erika have been friends. They are very close and everything they do is the same naturally; like choosing the same bags for middle school and charms. Their friendship had no bounds.

One day, Erika finds Kana in the classroom after she decides not to participate in swim class. She's surprised Kana is skipping as well, and although Kana claims she has stomach pains, it's painfully obvious that she didn't want to be separated from Erika. Erika suggests they play volleyball and they leave for the gymnasium. Their game goes well until Erika hits the ball too hard, causing it to roll into the locker room. Kana chases after it when she happens to hear a few girls chatting about a third year on the basketball team. Erika locates her to warn her to ignore those girls, one of whom -Tsukamoto- attends the same cram school as her. The girls begin snickering after they catch Kana observing them again.

For some reason Kana had a bad feeling something was to happen, and she expresses disappointment when school ends and Erika informs her that she isn't heading home yet. She got assigned Day Monitor so she will be there for a while. Seeing how sad Kana looks, Erika recalls that they made plans to visit the brand new manga shop that opened recently. She reminds her that they can hang out tomorrow and Kana takes off, only to bump into Tsukamoto. The girls ask if Erika spoke poorly of them earlier and Kana quickly denies anything. They let her go after asking to know if Erika does, then they try to say that Erika isn't a good person. Kana gets angry and demands an explanation for this, but they brush her off, forcing her to leave.

That night Kana struggles to sleep as she thinks about the confrontation with Tsukamoto. She wishes she had just ignored them as Erika advised, but for now all she can do is let her know about it the next day.

It's pouring rain as Kana runs to school. She overslept and she's very worn out, but to her surprise she discovers Kana isn't waiting for her like usual. She continues on and she's startled to find her desk has been tipped over and its contents were spilled out. Hearing Tsukamoto confirms her suspicions, but as she goes on to tell them off she sees that by now the group as extended to the other girls in class, and Erika. Before she can say anything, one girl makes a suggestion that none of them speak to her, or else they will be ignored as well.

Soon after, the classroom has become divided. Every girl in class sided with Tsukamoto, while the boys refuse to get involved and feel empathy for Kana. She has no idea what caused this to happen, but just then she awakens in bed, with tear filled eyes. She is relieved seeing her mom, who woke her up noticing how upset she seems. Kana realizes she was having a nightmare and calms down.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case, when she goes to meet up with Kana like usual and she doesn't show up. She arrives to school to find drawings on her desk, along with insulting papers. She sadly concludes that her nightmare was real. Her girl classmates remain distant and continue making fun of her as she tries to just accept this isolation, but she can't stop weeping as she wonders why Erika would turn her back to her. She can't determine what could have happened to make everyone hate her so suddenly. She didn't do anything wrong.

A Teacher approaches Kana noticing how sickly she looks. But knowing that speaking out will only make things worse, she claims she is fine. After class Kana visits the restroom, still helpless and confused. When she goes to her next class she discovers crude drawings on her desk involving the Teacher she just spoke to, and she angrily chews out the girls responsible, since she didn't actually say anything. To her shock, she looks to find that the plush charm she bought with Erika has been mangled, and as she begins to cry she sees Erika wielding a pair of scissors.

The charm was special to them and she asks for her to explain herself, but Erika bluntly tells Kana to deal with it. It would be stupid for her to defend Kana and get bullied too, so if she can't handle this, she shouldn't even bother to come. Kana is shaken by this sudden cruelty and she remembers back when they began attending this school and the promise they made. Kanamoto arrives with friends to collect Erika, who mockingly suggests that if Kana is so unhappy, she should go to that old block to make a wish. Kana sadly observes Erika to realize that as a further stab to the back, she discarded her old bag for the one Kanamoto and her friends use.

Rain continues to pour outside as Kana heads up to the old block with her ripped up bag. She looks through the remnants of the room as a girl with long black hair observes her. She remains in the hall and Kana locates the roll book. She remembers her discussion with Erika about it a few days ago and opens it to find several names, but as she starts writing her name down she recalls other precious memories shared with Erika. She begins to cry again, but after seeing Erika has written her name in the book she expresses frustration, considering how against this she was. She writes her name over Erika's in big, bold letters, then she wishes that she would disappear.

Suddenly, laughter begins to fill the room. Kana realizes that as of today, she will become a demon.




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