Period 24: The Day I Became A Demon - Part 2
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Period 24
Volume 6
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The Day I Became A Demon - Part 2 is the 24h chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 4th chapter in the volume 6 manga.

Premise[edit | edit source]

Kana is taken back in time and with this chance, she sets out to ruin Erika's life. Is it really too late to save their friendship?

Summary[edit | edit source]

Kana is startled when she awakens in class to find Erika standing before her. She asks if Kana is okay and suggests that as she has no club activities for today, they should go out to buy new charms. Kana is speechless, trying to determine what could be going on until she remembers this conversation took place the day prior to Erika turning on her. She must have been sent back in time!

Annoyed that the ghost failed to grant her wish properly and still feeling hurt, Kana decides to use this opportunity to get back at Erika. When she bumps into Tsukamoto after school, rather then defend Erika she brings up the conversation they had during gym class.

The next day proceeds to play out as it did for Kana, but now everyone has turned on Erika. Kana feels content with this, but it's still not enough. If she can't erase Erika from the world then she will just make her feel horrible enough that she would want to throw away her life, she caused her too much pain so she must do the same. It's then she gets an idea and she suggests to Tsukamoto and her friends that they should lock Erika in the abandoned part of the old block. They have time before the Teacher shows up, and with Tsukamoto's approval they force Erika up the stairs of the old building.

If it means she can get her revenge then Kana will become a demon.

In the room Kanna watches as the girls harass Erika in the room. She becomes uneasy seeing one girl wield a lighter and threaten to burn Erika's bag, and in Erika's attempt to get it back, she bumps the girls arm, causing the lighter to set the nearby curtains on fire. The girls panic and run outside when Kana gets an idea. She quickly boards up the door so that Erika can't escape. As it becomes harder to breath with smoke filling the room, Erika remarks that Kana is getting her wish. Kana is surprised hearing this and assumes for Erika to know about it she was probably watching her, but it doesn't matter. She slams the door shut and leaves the building.

Outside, Kanna takes note of the rainy weather as she rejoins Tsumakoto. The girls discuss the fire and are impressed by Kana's decision to make Erika freak out, unworried since it was so small in the first place. Kana comes to the decision to wash her hands of the entire ordeal now that revenge has been taken, but just then she sees Tsukamoto going through the contents of Erika's bag, which they accidentally brought with them. She's about to toss it into the trash when Kana sees two charms she is unfamiliar with. Wondering their purpose, she swipes them and runs back up to the burning room.

She demands an explanation from Erika, who admits that while spending time with Tsukamoto, Kana was the only thing on her mind. She wanted to be her friend again but she was too ashamed to approach her after knowing how much she hurt her, and too frightened to stand up to Tsukamoto. She bought them afterward school in hopes of mending things but she couldn't bring herself to do it, which is why she came to the abandoned room. Kana yells at Erika for ruining everything they had, leading Erika to weakly apologize. She thanks Kana for being a good friend to her, and Kana begins to weep as she remembers their first day heading to middle school. She was so worried over the possibility they would be separated, but Erika was fine. She teased her by saying she was cold for not worrying, but she saw how relieved she was when they saw the class roster, revealing they had the same class.

Realizing that Erika truly still wanted to be with her is enough for Kana to fight with the barricade she put up. Erika tells her not to waste her time since her wish will come true if she lets her in this room, leading Kana to acknowledge that the ghost didn't grant her wish, but Erika's. Erika wishes for them to go back in time, before everything went bad to avoid this mess.

Suddenly, the floor caves in and the girls get separated. Kana desperately searches for her friend and locates a fire extinguisher, throwing it at the window separating them as Erika lays motionless. Kana lifts her up for support and Erika begins to cry. She apologizes once more as Kana encourages her to keep going. She stops to grab the roll book and tosses it into the flames before they exit the building; unaware of the black-haired girl -Yomi- observing them. She picks the book back up and sends the girls back to the current time.

Kana comes out of her daze to find the building perfectly fine and no signs of fire in the room, and she wonders if everything is okay now. She runs outside to find Erika with Tsukamoto and calls out to her. Tsukamoto attempts to ruin their reunion by threatening Erika, but they brush her off. While holding hands the girls have come to realize that they aren't alone, together they can overcome bullying and they will handle everything else that comes their way. They tell off the bullies as Kana acknowledges that when people are alone they are likely to attack others and hurt them. People are weak like that. But things will be alright and it's important to remember this.

Erika calls Kana to remind her that the Magazine store will be closing soon. She asks if they were still going and after confirming it, Kana runs to catch up with her.

She will never lose sight of what is really important ever again.

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