Period 24: The Day I Became A Demon - Part 2
Zekkyou gakkyuu 24 1
Period 24
Volume 6
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The Day I Became A Demon - Part 2 is the 24h chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 4th chapter in the volume 6 manga.


Kana seeks revenge when her wish to erase Erika from the world fails. But how far is she willing to go?


Awakening in class, Kana sees Erika standing before her and she asks her if she is okay. She reminds her that as she didn't have club activities they should go and buy charms for their bags, and Erika heads aside as Kana tries to determine what is going on. She remembers having this conversation the prior day, leading her to realize that she must have been sent back a day before Erika turned her back to her. But, instead of being happy she angrily berates the ghost for failing to grant her wish.

Like earlier, she bumps into Tsukamoto again and the conversation plays out the same way. But this time she decides that instead of defending Erika, she openly recalls what Erika told her about them when they were playing volleyball.

The next day proceeds to play out like it did when Erika turned her back on Kana- but now Erika is the victim with all of the girls in class turning on her. Kana remains silent throughout the ordeal, deciding that if she isn't able to erase Erika from the world then she will just make her feel horrible enough that she would want to throw away her life. She will still be feeling the pain that she caused her.

Suddenly, Kana comes up with the idea that they should lock Erika up in the abandoned part of the old block. They have time before the Teacher shows up, and Tsukamoto approves of the plan. Together the girls grab Erika and force her outside of school and into the abandoned building just nearby, taking her up to the top floor.

If it means she can get her revenge then Kana will become a demon.

Kana watches the girls shove Erika into a corner of the room and coldly tell her that she's at fault for speaking poorly of them. But to her alarm she sees one of the girls has a lighter, and she grabs Erika's bag deciding to burn its contents, along with the charm on it. Erika fights with them to get it back, with Kana still remaining quiet as she watches with no remorse. But as Erika grabs her bag back, she bumps into the girl holding the lighter and her arm is thrown back, causing her hand with the lighter to brush against some nearby curtains resulting in them being set aflame.

In a panic the girls flee the scene as Kana decides to take advantage of this moment by boarding up the exit so that Erika can't escape. Erika seems to accept this, finding it hard to stand with the flames and smoke spreading through the room, and she remarks that Kana will have her wish. Surprised to discover Erika knows about it, Kana brings up seeing her name in the book before she wrote her own. She determines Erika witnessed her writing her name, then briskly tells her that it doesn't matter since the ghost granted her wish anyway. She says goodbye to her ex-friend and slams the door shut, leaving Erika alone in the room. 

Outside Kana notices it's still raining as she rejoins Tsukamoto to hear her and her friend discussing the fire. They are sure Erika will be fine since it was so small, but they imagine her desperation to put it out and find it fairly amusing. Now that she has revenge, Kana decides to wash her hands of the whole thing until she notices Tsukamoto going through Erika's bag after realizing she accidentally brought it with her, and when she sees two unfamiliar charms inside, Kana expresses surprise and wonders what purpose they serve. She grabs them and runs back to the floor where Erika was left and opens the door to demand an explanation, showing them to the weakened Erika. 

Erika admits that when she spent her time with Tsukamoto and the other girls, Kana had been the only thing she thought about. She wanted to be her friend again but she was too ashamed to approach her after knowing how much she hurt her, and too frightened to stand up to Tsukamoto and her influences. She bought them afterward school in hopes of mending things but she couldn't bring herself to do it, which is why she came to the abandoned room. Kana is shocked, as she yells at Erika for ruining everything they had, and all Erika can do is weakly apologize as she feels herself becoming faint. She thanks Kana for being a good friend despite what happened, leaving Kana in tears before she remembers their first day heading to middle school. She had been so worried over the possibility they would be separated, and teasingly accused Erika of being too cold for not worrying. But as they observed the roster for each class she saw how relieved Erika was.

Aware of the mistake she made, Kana hurriedly fights with the barricaded door to try to open it. Erika tells her not to waste her time saving her though, since this will mean her wish has come true, and when Kana realizes that the ghost didn't grant her wish after all, Erika explains that she wished they could return to their happier days, before this mess began.

Before she can say anything else, the girls are separated when the floor suddenly caves in. Kana desperately searches for her friend, and she grabs a fire extinguisher, throwing it at the window separating them as Erika lays motionless on the floor. Kana lifts her up and offers support, and Erika begins to cry, apologizing for what she did. Kana says nothing other than words of encouragement, only stopping when she sees the roll book nearby. She picks it up and throws it into the roaring flames, unaware of the black-haired girl -revealed to be Yomi- observing them. She picks the book back up and sends the girls back to their current time.

Kana snaps out of her daze to find the building is completely intact and there's no flames to be found. As she wonders if everything is okay, she runs outside of the building to find Erika standing near Tsukamoto and her friend, but rather than acknowledge them, the girls call for each other and reunite. Tsukamoto attempts to ruin their reunion by threatening Erika, but she is brushed off by them, and as they hold hands the girls have come to realize that they aren't alone. Together they can overcome bullying and they will handle everything else that comes their way; and as they tell off Tsukamoto, Kana has come to realize that when people are alone they are likely to attack others and hurt them. People are weak. But things will be alright.

While admiring the scenery, Kana is called by Erika just then. She reminds her that the Magazine store will be closing soon and asks if they were still going. Kana happily confirms and runs to catch up with her, saying that she will never lose sight of what is really important ever again.





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