Period 26: Scarecrow Teacher
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Period 26
Volume 7
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Scarecrow Teacher is the twenty-sixth chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 2nd chapter in the volume 7 manga.


A shy teacher is victimized by her class. In this time, Miu gets a good idea for a prank that includes the creepy scarecrow outside of the school...

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Standing in a field of growing wheat, Yomi remarks on the autumn season. She glances over to the scarecrow and asks the Readers if they ever felt its gaze.


It's time for class to begin when a meek teacher attempts to get her students attention. But she goes ignored, with a few girls coldly mocking her for standing there as one of its students -Miu- observing her and her classmates, thinking about the month prior that led to this moment.

It was a swimming day and Yuri was skipping by feigning innocence. Kiyama had been concerned and brought it up in front of the class as she had been sick for a while now, and she correctly deduces that Yuri is worried over her body image. She thinks this is silly though, because they're still just in grade school and shouldn't worry over what boys think; however, her words cause Yuri to cry from embaressement and the other girls comfort her under the belief their teacher was looking down on them. Since then the girls took an oath to ignore Kiyama, but eventually the boys caught wind of their plan and got involved.

It's then Yuri approaches Miu to find her staring out the window. She sees the Scarecrow as Miu remarks on how strange it is for them to have one considering the school doesn't even have a field, and Yuri recalls a girl named Miku from a nearby class mentioning that the scarecrow follows people when they walk past it. Yuri is about to go on when Miu suddenly stops her, inspired with an idea. She tells the other students right way.

The following day, Kiyama is startled when she walks into her classroom to find the scarecrow in her place. She observes the students, who show the scarecrow proper attention and consideration despite it not being a living being, leaving her shocked by their cruelty.

For the next few days this continues, to the point she stopped stepping into the room and stood in the hall. But when this became enough she eventually snapped at them, wondering how they could be so heartless. The stubborn girls stand their ground saying that she has no right to say that and call her annoying, and she runs away in tears when they resume making fun of her. Yuri -the only girl who doesn't find this funny- is shown to silently observe them.

The following day the class learns that Kiyama is taking a leave of absence and the girls are happy, with Miu deciding this is a fair punishment because she will have time to reflect on what she did and apologize. She suggests they return to the scarecrow back to its field now that its no longer useful and everyone agrees. But as things slowly return to normal, Miu finds herself still distracted by it as the class is being taught by a new teacher during Kiyama's absence.

In this time, Miu observes the scarecrow again to find it facing her direction. She mentally thinks about how strange this is, considering they put it back into its original position.

The oddities continue on as Miu prepares to do her homework that evening. Called for dinner, Miu gets up from her desk, but out of the corner of her eye she sees a figure by her window. She turns to look but finds nothing there, then shuts it after observing outside for a moment before heading to dinner.

The following morning, an anxious Miu leads her friends back to the field to find the scarecrow still there and nothing seems wrong. This causes her to wonder if she imagined it, but just then the girls realize it has a mouth that they never noticed before. They panic as Miu recalls the rumors of it being alive, with her friends pleadingly asking that she stops saying anything. Their anxiety worsens when Miu suddenly bumps into someone; but they see Kiyama standing there. She tells them that she would like to apologize, but Miu briskly states that it isn't them who need the apology; not only that but she doesn't believe she sincerely knows what the problem is and they have more important things to worry about.

Miu turns to find the scarecrow is missing as Kiyama tries to speak to her again, but as Miu goes to respond she is horrified to find it behind her teacher. She runs to the classroom in fright as her worried friends follow after her, and seeing their exhaustion the others curiously check on them. Miu hurriedly tries to claim seeing the scarecrow move and she's come to believe it's seeking revenge because of them abandoning it so carelessly. They find it hard to believe when she says it is holding a grudge, but after one classmate announces that it has vanished everyone begins to panic realizing she's telling the truth.

Suddenly, everyone silences themselves and freeze as they hear a sound coming from the hallway. While they panic, an angered Miu grabs a nearby chair and stands by the door to wait for the terrifying scarecrow to appear. As soon as the door opens, she swings the chair down as hard as she can; only to realize she didn't hit the scarecrow, but Kiyama.

As their teacher lays unconcious with a bloody head wound everyone begins to snap at Miu. She insists the noise she heard was the scarecrow and she thinks back to a moment ago when Kiyama tried to apologize, when she saw it move. As the reality of what she did sets in, everyone begins to finger point and cast blame on her in order to justify what they did, saying that they were only having fun by ignoring their teacher because she convinced them to do it, and she was the one who suggested using the scarecrow as a prank. 

As Miu goes silent, she is stunned to realize that they aren't a united group like she thought they were. She assumed that like her, everyone had been angry for Yuri's sake, but it turns out they were only using this as an excuse to act out; she was the only one fighting for her friend. They begin to leave as Miu silently weeps, but to everyone's surprise, Yuri suddenly yells out to get their attention, telling them to contact the hospital when she determines Kiyama is still alive. She goes on to say that Miu wasn't the only one at fault, because it was their own choice for how they behaved. She tearfully apologizes, saying she should have tried to stop them sooner before it came to this, then she thanks Miu for sticking up for her, even if it might not have been the right away to handle it. As they continue shedding tears the class is shown to feel heavy remorse.

Just then, a new figure enters the room and stands at the teachers desk. The students stare in silence realizing its the scarecrow.

After her injuries have healed up Kiyama prepares to return to class. The teacher who took her place temporarily leads her back while asking that she try to make amends with the class and she agrees, saying she really does want to get along with them. As she recalls what happened, she mentally wonders what it was to have frightened Miu so much when she hit her, and they are curious realizing how quiet the classroom is. They peek inside to find it full of scarecrows dressed like the students, including the one from the field sitting in the front of the room. It drops the chalk it was holding as they wonder where the children are.

The sound echoes throughout the building as the view pans outside, revealing that there are more scarecrow in the nearby grass.  

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi remarks on how little maitennence a class like this is, but she warns the Readers to take precaution should they come across a scarecrow now in a field. It might approach them next.





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