Period 28: The Do-Gooders Club
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Period 28
Volume 7
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Make-Believe Sisters is the 28th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 4th chapter in the volume 7 manga.


Kaho decides to join a club as a means of killing time when her friend is too busy to hang out with her. She finds the "Do-Gooders Club" and happily lends a hand in doing good deeds for the sake of others- but she soon learns that there is a price for doing good...

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi greets the Readers while cleaning up the trash in the park. When asked why she is doing it, she smirks and claims its for the happiness of others. 


Kaho eagerly congratulates her best friend Risa on officially hooking up with Izumi-senpai, a guy she's had a  crush on for a while now. Risa is happy that Kaho is so supportive, saying that it's only because of her encouragement that she managed to confess, and Kaho recalls how much time was spent asking information about him, helping Risa cheer for him, and the time she got them introduced. While she is glad for what she did, Kaho feels saddened after Risa brings up that from now on she will be walking home with Izumi. She apologizes but Kaho claims it's not a big deal to avoid making her feel bad.

With that Kaho takes off and gets an idea to look into joining an after school club. It will help her pass time and make some new friends, so she won't miss Risa as much. She begins to look around and one happens to catch her eye: The Do-Gooders Club. She wonders what sort of club this could be and attempts to peak until being confronted by a cold looking girl, startling Kaho until she eagerly brings her inside to meet the two other members. Kaho is happy upon realizing they aren't mean at all, and they welcome her with open arms. They assume she's come to join and explain how they do kind things for others to earn that feeling of self-fulfillment. Kaho tries to explain that it is only a misunderstanding, but she finds herself unable to refuse as Ichiiro -the club president- mentions their plans to head to the Soccer clubs room to do some cleaning. She invites Kaho to join them for an example of how their Club works and she agrees with nothing better to do.

Kaho is horrified to see dirt and filth covering the room, along with some random garbage as the Teacher in charge of the club comes by apologizing. He explains how they haven't been with a Club President for a while and everyone has pushed themselves as much as they can for the sport, so cleaning the room hasn't been a priority. They get to work and within a few hours, the room looks completely brand new. Kaho is exhausted and continues sweeping as the team come by, impressed with their efforts, along with two girls, one of whom wanted to ask about her missing bus card. She is relieved when one of the Do-Gooders Club members mentions finding it earlier and hands it over, much to the girls relief as they both thank the group. The other girl brings up how they helped get her bullies to stop picking on her, and they taught her meditation to keep herself stress-free and focused.

Kaho is amazed by their efforts as the girl mentions buying them a gift as thanks, but Ichiiro claims it isn't necessary; they help those in need because they refuse to leave them alone to suffer. Kaho begins to reconsider her earlier thoughts of the group as they step outside, where they are quickly surrounded by other students who crowd around them with admiration- including the Principal and teaching staff. She is stunned by the attention the Do-Gooders Club gets but is overall pleased to be considered a part of it.

The next day Kaho is approached by classmates who ask her about the Do-Gooders club, and after confirming that she joined they express approval. While she is excited by the attention she's suddenly gotten, she notices how upset Risa looks and asks her about it. Initially Risa claims it's nothing and brings up that Izumi is waiting for her, and she runs off, leaving Kaho to sadly wonder if Risa no longer needs her. She never kept anything from her before. 

She heads to the club room and remains depressed as Ichiiro informs the group of today's plans; heading into the bathrooms at the north block. A club has been constantly making it dirty with their activities and nobody wants to use an unsanitary restroom.

As they are cleaning, Ichiiro notices Kaho's foul mood and she stops to ask if she is feeling okay. Kaho initially hesitates until they convince her its alright, and seeing their genuine desire to help she decides to confide in them. In doing so, she gets an idea and asks to take a break to pay Risa a visit. She finds her in the P.E. room and explains what happened to Risa in hopes of convincing her to come to them to talk if she feels the need- but her offer is rejected. Risa explains how uncomfortable she would be speaking to people she doesn't know very well, then she runs off to reunite with Izumi. Kaho is frustrated as she wonders why she won't let her help, but hearing that the school will be closing soon because its getting late, she dejectedly prepares to leave.

Before she can get outside, Kaho overhears noise and stops by a the Soccer Clubs room to find two of the Do-Gooder members trashing it. She is shocked by the display and quickly shuts the door before they can see her observing them and wonders how they could do this after spending so much time cleaning it.

The following day she anxiously approaches Ichiiro to report what happened, realizing she deserves to know as they are technically betraying the club. But Ichiiro happily mentions that she was glad Kaho found out when she did, as she intended on asking her to do it the following week. Kaho is very confused as Ichiiro states that the members of Soccer club will be happy to have a clean room next week again; and she wonders why Kaho looks so alarmed as the other two join them. Kaho angrily calls them out for resorting to such crimes against their schoolmates as they reveal that they also steal items and pay people to bully the others, but Ichiiro writes this off by saying they provide people with happiness by giving them what they want. She asks Kaho if she was happy to be doing good, because they plan on continuing regardless.

Kaho is left stunned as she remembers everything that happened recently, and she runs out of the room refusing to have any part of this. She tries to locate a teacher she can tell about what she learned when she overhears Risa and Izumi speaking. After Izumi leaves she notices Risa looks upset and approaches her with concern. Risa cries while revealing they broke up because Izumi wants to focus on sports and enter a good high school, but he didn't want to have to split time between his girlfriend and basketball and only give them both half of his attention. As she embraces Kaho she desperately tells her that she didn't want to break up, and Kaho admits that she had been concerned this could possibly happen- but she worried that if she said anything, it would for sure. Seeing the pain Risa is in makes Kaho feel even worse.

But she isn't like those other people though. Risa didn't do anything wrong and she didn't deserve to suffer. Such thoughts cause Kaho to mentally think things over to come to a realization that for some reason she actually feels very happy. She can't understand why though, as she remembers what Ichiiro said earlier. As Risa begs Kaho to make her feel better, Kaho remembers how happy she felt from the attention she got and wonders if maybe she isn't very different than those girls after all.

While standing at a light signal with his friends Izumi admits to breaking up with Risa. His friends chastise his cruelty but he explain that he loved Risa and felt terrible, but he needs to focus on basketball now if he wants to get into a good school. 

Unaware to the guys someone approaches them from behind, and before they have time to react they push Izumi into the way of an oncoming car.

The following day, students are discussing the accident with Izumi. He will be okay and will heal eventually, but the basketball recommendation he was working so hard for was canceled and he probably won't be playing anymore.

In the hallway Kaho happily listens as Risa discusses how they ended up getting back together due to this. Without basketball, Izumi asked for her to be his support while he is recovering and she accepted. She embraces Kaho for being there to listen when she was sad, but Kaho insists she will always help a troubled friend, because she could never leave them alone.

As she says this, the members of the Do-Gooders club are shown observing her with approval. Kaho goes on to reveal that she has become an official member of the Do-Gooders club as she admires the arm band they gave to her.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi wonders what the term "good" means to humans. Do they do it for the sake of making others happy, to let people see them in a good light, or just like the Do-Gooders, a sense of fulfillment and existence. She suggests the reader try to do a good deed one day to find out.





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