Period 29: The Requirements Of A Belle
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Period 29
Volume 8
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The Requirements Of A Belle is the 29th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 1st chapter in the volume 8 manga.


Yuri has always been admired for her beautiful and thin body. But after the originally heavy set and plain Atsuko returns, completely different- Yuri's jealousy gets the better of her.

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi is in the middle of getting her measurements when she sees the Reader. She apologizes and mentions how she overate during New Years. It seems that no matter what girls will always worry about their bodies.


With New Years break over, Yuri has returned to school and is currently listening to her friends as they complain about over-indulging during the Holiday and gush about her perfect-as-ever appearance. Yuri remains humble by saying it isn't a big deal, she just pays extensive attention to her physique. However, as she notices the attention her prettiness gives her from other students, she admits through thought that its beneficial. 

She is invited by some other students to look at the photography from the winter school trip they had when she notices a classmate -Shun- she has feelings for nearby. He appears to like her in return but won't say anything, and as her friends chat about their beauty as a couple, one recalls hearing him say that he likes skinny girls- due to wanting to have someone he can protect. Yuri would like for him to confess to her but does not believe in making the first move yet.

It's then the class silences itself as a pretty, really thin girl walks into the room and catches their attention; especially when she sits down at Atsuko Oota's seat. Noboddy recognizes her until she confirms that she is Atsuko, leaving them to express shock, comparing her to a photo of herself from the trip. They all wonder what happened, including Yuri who remains in disbelief as they crowd around her to ask several questions and compliment her newfound cuteness. Yuri can't ignore this display but she thinks of them as hypocritical, given that they used to pick on her because she was a heavyset girl who liked fashion. She also never made a statement or stood out.

As Atsuko reveals she was even scouted as a model, Shun and his friend begin discussing Atsuko's new appearance and Shun compliments her; much to Yuri's displeasure. She is further frustrated when her friends decide to join everyone else.

That evening, Yuri isn't in the mood to eat dinner and takes an overflowing warm bath, some weight pills, and switches her usual drinks to healthier options. She also takes to weight lifting and making herself sick, sure that she can reclaim the attention in no time when she returns to school. After putting up with this sudden regimen, she is delighted to find out she's lost 4kg

But to her surprise, she finds out that Atsuko is only 39kg, while her weight loss only brought her down to 43.2kg. She wonders how this is possible when they are the same height when Atsuko suddenly approaches her. However, she is startled seeing how happy Atsuko is as she expresses relief knowing she isn't sick anymore. She's been wanting to speak with her- but when she starts by bringing up that her desire to become thin like her was what inspired her, Yuri becomes angry and thinks she is mocking her. She storms away, just to bump into Shun who helps her up and remarks that she looks thinner than last time. He is concerned that she also seems sickly. Despite a few compliments, Yuri still feels as though she has still lost to Atsuko as Shun asks if she is alright and warns her not to overdo it, offering her a shoulder should she need to talk to someone or if she gets stressed out. She thanks him and begins to wonder if she had been wrong about Shun, given how considerate he was.

From where she stood, Atsuko is shown to observe her.

As the girls take a break during P.E. they notice Yuri doesn't look very well. She realizes it herself, seeing that she was being careless by avoiding food all together in a last-second attempt to calm down and focus again. But when Atsuko collapses everyone starts worrying and Shun is asked to take her to the Nurses office. While everyone watches with concern they can't help but talk about how cute of a couple they would make- breaking the final straw for Yuri, who is shocked and accuses Shun of being a big liar. Watching as Atsuko turns to her with a smile, she grabs her cosmetics bag and rushes to the restroom nearby as her friends worriedly follow her.

They watch as Yuri begins cutting off a few long locks of hair, then grabs her nail clippers and immediately begins cutting every finger nail down to bloodied nubs. Her friends are stunned as Yuri begins to suffer from a meltdown wondering why Atsuko is torturing her like this. She does nothing to maintain her weight and they are the same height, she can't understand why she's skinnier. She lops off a good portion of her hair when something dons on her.

Her friends horrific screaming alerts a teacher nearby, who rushes inside just as Yuri stabs herself in the stomach with her scissors, and overcome with exhaustion she loses consciousness.

A few hours later Yuri awakens to find herself in the infirmary. She recalls what happened to see her injuries have been cleaned up and she seems okay. But to her alarm she finds Atsuko next to her in a nearby bed staring at her, then angrily turns her back to her as Atsuko remarks on how happy she is knowing Yuri's injury shouldn't leave a scar. She asks if she is okay but Yuri says nothing, until Atsuko provokes her by pointing out how alike they are. Yuri doesn't like this comparison and she instantly tells her off, saying that she doesn't want to be grouped with a girl like her.

Atsuko continues to express herself though, and after Yuri realizes her nails are also cut down very small, she is stunned as Atsuko claims she is fine the way she is. In hopes of making friends with her, Atsuko offers to show Yuri her secret behind her weight loss and this seems to calm her down enough, wanting to know more than anything. She is very shocked as Atsuko begins to remove her shirt, and she explains that in the past she desperately wished to become skinny, and she finally found the perfect way over the season break. Yuri is horrified when she sees a large stitching going down the center of Atsuko's torso.

While she wasn't able to dispose of what was outside, that didn't mean the insides couldn't go.

As Yuri recalls the various events that occurred throughout the day, Atsuko points out that this is why she can't do heavy exercise anymore. She offers Yuri a card for the doctors responsible for the procedure and remarks on how good they are, but Yuri is clearly startled by the concept; until she recalls what everyone said these past several days. If it means she can stay on top as the most beautiful then she would do anything.

Eventually after the procedure Yuri returns to school and thinks back to her earlier thoughts, in that being beautiful was beneficial. She's not only managed to become a model like she dreamed, but she and Shun have started to go out. Her friends admire her recent additional slimming down and ask how she managed to pull it off while Atsuko smiles and observes them from the background. Yuri claims that it's a secret; with the stitching of the procedure barely visible from her uniform top. 

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi mentions that Atsuko and Yuri were willing to go to the extremes for the sake of beauty. She asks the Readers if they want to try too, although she makes it clear that if anything should happen she isn't to be held responsible for it. She lays down to prepare for some stretches and says farewell to the Readers.





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