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Period 30
Volume 8
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Last White Day is the 30th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 2nd chapter in the volume 8 manga.

Premise[edit | edit source]

Sakura receives cream puffs for White Day and afterwards she begins to feel sick as she begins receiving strange notes from a stalker.

Yomi's Introduction[edit | edit source]

Yomi points out that today is White Day, a special holiday where girls give the boy they like chocolate. Despite how exciting it is, a trap lies in waiting...

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sakura receives many chocolates while various students observe her, saying how cute and sweet she is. She gave a lot of obligation/casual chocolate to several people, even though it's not mandatory. Sitting down to admire the pile of sweets left for her, Sakura's friends warn her that she gave out too much. Sakura innocently says she didn't notice, although she actually thinks it's pretty amusing to see how much thought people put into spoiling her.

Their handsome, popular classmate Kamiya approaches with some handmade chocolate for Sakura, who brightly accepts it. Her friends ask if she gave him something equally nice and she confesses that she made a fancy chocolate for him, in comparison to the dinky little cheap chocolates she bought for everyone else. Her friend's aren't surprised, given that he is the idol for girls, while she is the idol for boys. Sakura admits that she would go out with him if he asked her to. Realistically however, she would get bored with just one guy.

Among the pile of sweets she spots a box with no name on it. The girls open the box to admire the large, expensive cream puffs inside, which they note are similar to those of a fancy pastry shop. Sakura is shocked as even she can't afford something like this, and she is earnestly touched by the gesture. She picks one up to try it out, but to her confusion she finds them delicious, while her friend tries some cream and reacts with disgust. In no time Sakura finishes the entire box, but just then she feels as though someone's gaze is on her. She looks around but doesn't see anyone, and when she tells her friends they fail to notice the seriousness of it, since this is common.

While preparing for gym class Sakura begins to feel light-headed and uncomfortable. Her friends remind her of the cream puffs she ate earlier s the girls notice Sakura doesn't seem to be feeling well. They head off to let the teacher know she isn't feeling well and she lays down on the bench to relax. It still feels like someone else is there, but she assures herself it's probably a secret admirer unable to make a confession. She falls asleep, being woken up later by her concerned friends. Gym class is over and she looks really sweaty, and Sakura notes that she now feels cold, and more sickly. As she gets up a paper falls from her pocket, asking how she liked the cream puffs.

Sakura is in a panic as she helplessly wonders how someone could have gotten in there without being detected, and by the end of school her friends attempt to locate someone who can walk home with her. She seems to have a stalker and she's frightened. The guys who earlier fawned over her refuse and claim to be too busy, while the other girls make fun of her for being "too friendly". Sakura is very upset about this, but her worries ease as Kamiya steps in to offer.

Making their way to the Moeno household, Sakura feels badly for making Kamiya miss club today. He claims it's not a big deal though, and he begins to tease her over how upfront she is. She's surprised considering she's never been called anything else but cute -or manipulative- but she feels happy. Seeing her home nearby, Sakura insists she can make it the rest of the way, but Kamiya insists on making sure she's fine. He gives her a gentle push as she stands there in disbelief, then awkwardly heads inside. He says goodbye and takes off, with her watching him until she can't see him any longer.

Kamiya really is different from the other guys. As she acknowledges his kindness she recalls his chocolate from earlier and begins observing it until her mom comes by. The scissors they used recently went missing, so she was wondering if she saw them. Sakura denies having them and she leaves to keep looking. Sakura doesn't want Kamiya to worry about her, so she's going to focus on finding her stalker.

The next morning, Sakura joins her mom while she's cleaning. Her horrified response at seeing her daughter alarms Sakura as she looks in a nearby mirror to see someone wrote "You don't have to be scared. It's fine." on her shirt. After confiding in her mom regarding what happened, they head to the police station to report the stalker. But because they don't have any real proof of there being an intruder, they can't press charges or do anything to stop it.

At school the mounting stress causes Sakura to abrasively snap at everyone and demand answers. She gets none and as she begins to cry Kamiya returns to try calming her. He recalls that there was a boy from class 3 who vanished around the 14th after mentioning that he wanted to make her something. While pondering this statement, Sakura recalls a meek glasses-wearing boy that she gave one of her singular chocolates to. He attempted to speak to her, telling her how much he liked her and how he knew everything about her, and his sudden behavior made her uncomfortable. She gave him the brush off and her friends appeared, so they began mocking him as they left once she revealed the chocolate was only out of pity.

Sakura then goes on to recall how she began to feel sick after eating the cream puffs, so she assumes he must be doing this to get revenge. She then yells out that she gave chocolate to a guy so worthless, unaware that Kamiya is still there, and he's led to believe she was referring to him. Sakura clams up as he tells her not to speak to him anymore, clearly hurt as he walks away.

It's been a few days and Sakura remains gloomy over what happened. She overhears a few girls discussing Kamiya and how he's dating a girl from another class, as part of the re-gifting process they ended up hanging out together and he really likes her. Sakura tries to convince herself that he isn't worth it since she's popular anyway, but then she recalls his gift at home and opens it to find the box is filled with cookies; the present he made for girls he didn't have romantic interest in. Sakura begins to cry realizing that her feelings weren't returned like she thought, until suddenly, she hears a new voice. She recognizes it as the boy from class 3. He remarks on how she was rejected, then thanks her for eating the cream puffs he made.

Frantic, Sakura tries to locate where the voice is coming from since nobody else is in her bedroom, but to her shock she realizes the voice is within her. Shakily she begins piecing together what happened. The boy killed himself while making those cream puffs, which is why he vanished. He put his blood into them. Sakura attempts to make herself throw up as the voice remarks on how similar they are, and she realizes that she's unable to. Somehow he has control over her body.

Suddenly, Sakura begins to feel a sharp pain and recalls their missing scissors. The boy tells her that because they understand each other, they can now be one in the same. She barely has time to react when she sees the scissors beginning to pierce their way through her torso. Blood splattering on the cookies nearby as she lets out a horrified scream.

- - - -

At Kamiya's home, his mother arrives with a package for him. It was for Valentines Day, but this is strange since that holiday passed already. She reveals that within the box is a cute homemade-looking chocolate heart, with a note that reads "I am only yours".  

Yomi's Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Yomi remarks on how Sakura will become one with Kamiya as she watches him eat the chocolate. She begins licking one of her own candies and wonders if the Readers will be re-gifted, then she asks that they confide in her later on in secrecy.

Yonkoma[edit | edit source]

Sakura has bad stomach pains, but rather then die like in the story, she visits the restroom. She comes out after "relieving herself", then states that her stalker and herself were only one for a short time.

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