Period 32: The Queen's Trick
Period 32
Volume 8
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The Queen's Trick is the 32nd chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 4th chapter in the volume 8 manga.


Tired of being treated like the tomboy she is, Kumi suddenly finds out that men are unable to resist her after inhaling the pollen of a strange flower.

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi is admiring a beautiful flower from outside of the window. When the Reader doesn't recognize it, she explains how she is sure if they did- everyone would go hysterical to get their hands on one.


One day in class, a group of annoyed girls watch as their male classmates take a vote on the "Cutest Girl in Class" poll and tally them up to see it is Mirei- as expected. While she appears flustered by this, Kumi is horrified when she wins the "No.1 Girl You Don't See as a Girl" poll. Her friends try to calm her down, but she angrily chases after Iketani, the classmate responsible for this.

By the time she gives up, a frustrated Kumi thinks about how she is always unfairly compared to Mirei while dusting the pathway surrounding her outside. Mirei appears just then to see if she is alright while assuring her not to worry about it since the guys are just being guys and tease her for fun. Kumi agrees before casually observing Mirei, noticing her cute one-piece outfit and how nice she smells; she can't ever imagine herself looking good like that. Mirei takes off and Kumi resumes cleaning until she sees a strange looking flower and she leans down for a closer look. She is reminded of Mirei while observing it and wishes she could be like her, and just then the wind picks up. As Kumi and students surrounding her are surprised by the sudden wind, she begins to cough as something flies into her mouth. Assuming its just some dust Kumi goes on her way.

The following day Kumi wakes up late to her mother, who warns her to hurry up and get ready so that she can eat breakfast before her brothers finish everything. Kumi arrives to see its too late and gloomily heads into the bathroom to finish getting ready. As she brushes her teeth she blames the environment she grew up in for the way she is now. As she finishes, she happens to see a sprout on the top of her head through the mirror and sputters out in alarm, knocking over everything. She tugs at the sprout, but it remains in place and is firmly rooted to her head, and when she tries to tell her mom she assumes she is just being noisy and yells at her to get to school. Kumi has no other choice but to finish and leave.

In this time, she realizes that nobody else can see the sprout; although she remains cautious as she heads to school. She attempts to sneak into class until Mirei spots her and asks if something is wrong, but she doesn't reply as Iketani approaches Mirei to greet her. Kumi angrily observes him in silence as she expected this- but to her shock he kindly greets her and wonders if she is okay, aware of her disposition. Kumi heads into class and she is greeted kindly by her other male classmates, and she is concerned as she takes notice of the sprout now becoming a budding flower. She recalls that it resembles the one from the prior day but when Iketani suddenly shows up with a compliment that she smells nice catches her off-guard. Initially she assumes he's trying to trick her, but his flustered response and calling her a "cute girl" causes her much confusion. The other boys agree and she realizes that they must be attracted to her head-flowers scent.

Throughout the next few days, Kumi is showered with attention from the various males surrounding her. If it's not a classmate offering to help her carry heavy items, it's her male teacher making sure she's not sick and telling her to take things easy, or her brothers offering her food. She's delighted to finally be seen as a girl; just like Mirei, and she eagerly takes all of the attention, having come to the conclusion that she must have swallowed the pollen from the flower that windy afternoon. 

Meanwhile, Mirei is shown to be aware that something is off.

The following morning, Kumi decides to be bold and wear something cute for once. Initially she is concerned it failed to work as she steps into class to find male classmates complimenting Mirei like usual; but they turn their attention to Kumi after noticing her, but she isn't satisfied by this as they return to Mirei after a moment. She decides to push things a little more, unaware of the flower further blooming to release more of its scent, attracting all of the men to her side right away- even causing someone to shove Mirei aside. Suddenly they begin to shower Kumi with praise regarding her cute top, and she looks in a nearby mirror to see that the flower is larger than yesterday, and she realizes that it keeps blooming and opening whenever she wishes to be cute.

Not that this stops her from doing it. Overwhelmed by her growing desire to surpass Mirei, she wishes for it to open more and more until it becomes a very large flower one day. More and more boys flock to her for attention, until she has a group of boys bowing at the very sight of her.

A worried Mirei can only watch from a distance as she observes Kumi and the dazed boys surrounding her, and she is joined by Kumi's friends as they observe that even a Teacher is bowing to her. They try to approach Kumi and speak to her but one of the boys gets in the way, saying she can't be approached so casually. They try to talk to Kumi anyway but when Kumi teases them they are unsure of how to respond.

As Kumi realizes that with this flower, she has become Queen of their class; she suddenly finds herself light-headed and falls to the floor. She is approached by everyone out of concern as she tries to compose herself, and at home she is shocked to see how tired and worn out she looks while observing her reflection. She realizes it's the flower beginning to wilt, but she's sure she will be fine.

The following day Kumi heads to school and is still worn out and feeling sickly when she sees her male classmates waiting for her in the hallway. She sees how odd their expressions are as they offer to take her bag to class, causing her to remember how off they have been the past few days. Uneasy from their expressions she considers leaving for home when they stop her, saying that she owes them now. She is confused, but after they begin to say what it is they want, she panics and runs away in horror, hiding in a nearby room while wondering what it was and why they suddenly got so scary. But she is surrounded by a group of boys, who follow her out of the room and up to the roof of the school. 

She turns around and demands they stop it at once, but she sees they aren't willing to listen anymore. As they reach for her flower she recalls it's strong scent and realize they want that. She panics seeing them get closer, but out of the corner of her eye she spots Mirei and her friends, calling out to them in desperation for help. As Mirei expresses concern, the other girls brush her off suggesting they leave. Mirei hesitates before joining them.

Tearfully Kumi continues to scream, asking for someone to remove the flower. As her prior friends mockingly laugh about this, she continues yanking and pushing on it with all of her might trying to rip it off of her head.

She didn't want it to turn out like this- she just wanted to feel like Mirei did, and to be noticed.

Suddenly, Mirei stops and decides to return to Kumi to make sure she is okay. But as this happens, Kumi sees the boys get even closer and her hand slips on the wall of the roof, causing her to fall over the railing. She collides with the ground and slowly dies from the blood loss and injuries she sustained as the boys -still in their daze- crowd around her. They admire the flowers scent and begin to lick the spilled blood from her corpse. 

Mirei isn't surprised by the display as she returns to the boys, and she promises them something much tastier. Instantly, the boys rise from the bloody corpse as she remarks on how terrible Kumi is at raising flowers, and they surround her in admiration. It is revealed that Mirei also has a flower on her head, but unlike Kumi she takes very precious care of her own to make sure it will last her a lifetime; because once they rot it will be no longer useful.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

As Yomi observes them walking away from Kumi's corpse, she remarks on how this flower feeds on a girls wish. But if fed too much, it will rot much quicker and eventually die. With skill Mirei will continue to take care of hers for decades to come. It's up to the Readers whether it blooms or wilts, and as Yomi reveals a large, blooming flower on her head, she suggests they get one to try.





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