Period 39: At Emily-chan's Home
Period 39
Volume 10
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At Emily-chan's Home is the 39th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 3rd chapter in the volume 10 manga.


Noelle has an old doll named Emily, who is said to grant good fortune to those who play with her. But after she invites a few classmates over for a Christmas Party, strange things begin to happen.

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

While standing in observation of the snow surrounding her, Yomi brings up with that a Christmas party will be held soon. She giggles when asked where.


Yukio is devastated when her parents inform her that they will be working over time on December 24th. She reminds them of their promise for presents, a party, and homemade cake- but they can't help it. Her mother offers to get her presents when she has vacation again but this does little to make her feel better after Yukio points out that this also happened last year. Her angry attitude eventually causes her mom to scold her for not being more understanding.

The following day at school, Yukio sadly complains to her friends who understandingly admit that they feel the same way. Last year they both were stuck eating cake with their siblings and all they did was watch television. Yukio is inspired and she suggests they hold a Christmas Party to celebrate the holiday together, but when they are unable to determine where they can have it another girl joins them and offers to have it at her place. Noelle explains that her mother was planning a menu already because she had been giving this some thought, and the girls are surprised by her suddenly approaching them since they barely know her. She just recently transferred there, but they begin to converse about the idea and when they recall hearing she is wealthy, they eagerly agree to join her.

Come the night of the 24th, the girls head over to the Kurusu home and are in awe over its splendor. Yukio feels sad when she thinks about how her own home wasn't even decorated, but she is distracted when Noelle's mother invites them inside. The trio are shown around when one of the girls spots a mysterious door and asks about it. Noelle quickly claims it's for storage and leads them to her living room, with Yukio expressing suspicion over how distressed she appeared to be.

As everyone finishes dinner, Yukio heads off to use the restroom. But while washing her hands she notices Noelle heading into the room and curiously trails behind her. She is about to speak when she hears Noelle greet someone by the name of Emily, and she is shocked to find an old rag doll before her. Noelle promises that she will return to see Emily tomorrow as Yukio tries sneaking out of the room, but her friends loudly call out to her, alerting Noelle to her presence. Noelle attempts to hide Emily from the girls and suggests they play games, quickly escorting the trio out.

Yukio finds it hard to calm down after what she witnessed, but she feels depressed after Noelle's father arrives home. She watches them interact so lovingly and excuses herself to the restroom again, but after shutting the door to the living room, she's surprised upon spotting Emily on the floor. She leans down and starts rubbing her noticing how dirty she is, then she confesses to being envious of Noelle for having an ideal family.

Soon, the girls turn in the for night. Yukio awakens momentarily as she hears sound coming nearby. But unable to identify it she goes back to sleep.

The following morning Yukio is surprised when she finds out Midori and Seiko have left already. It doesn't make sense of them to leave without saying anything to her, but Noelle recalls them being in a hurry because something came up. Since it was so early they wanted to let Yukio sleep, and they would tell her when she got up. Noelle's mother suggests that Yukio washes her face before breakfast.

Yukio heads to the restroom but expresses concern while checking her phone to see she hasn't been left any texts or messages. She dials one of her friends numbers, but she is startled hearing a familiar ringtone coming from the storage room, and unlike before the door is opened now. She steps inside to notice several scratches she didn't see the prior evening surrounding the door, and while observing the lock she wonders what could have possibly wanted out that badly to do that.

The ringtone gets louder as Yukio walks through the room, and she stops when her foot makes contact with something; a bloodied sheet hiding a corpse. She expresses fright recognizing the phone placed nearby and falls back as Noelle and her parents join her. Seeing how calm Noelle is causes Yukio anxiety as she explains that Emily went missing after her friends paid a visit to this room earlier. She goes on to mention how silly it must be for her to still play with dolls, but she was so lonely as a child until she met Emily at a market. Her parents used to be so busy, but because of Emily she was happy, and somehow, the more she played with her, the better things became for them. They became rich after things went well with her dads company, to the point her mother was able to quit working, and her dad always came home early because he didn't need to work as much. She's really happy with how things are. She warned Yukio and her friends to stay away from this room, their snooping caused Emily to discover them, and unfortunately Emily is very easily jealous.

Her parents exchange a small laugh and mention how troublesome Noelle's previous friends had been as a result of their own nosiness. Despite how hard they tried to avoid it, this still happened. As Yukio recalls the various, strange occurrences within the past few hours Noelle expresses sadness, admitting that she thought these girls would be good friends.

Suddenly, the door creaks open and Emily walks in holding a large kitchen knife. Noelle happily calls out to her and points out that Yukio is still here, so she has to be taken care of now.

Yukio cries in distress; all she wanted was a nice Christmas for once. She didn't want anything grand, she just wanted to be with her family. 

Much to the Kurusu families shock, they are alarmed when Emily turns the knife towards them instead. Noelle asks why she is so angry as Yukio recalls her earlier statement, when Noelle said she really doesn't need to play with dolls anymore. They aren't given time to react when Emily lunges for them and Yukio uses this time to escape.

Running through thick snow, Yukio heads straight for home. She is relieved to have made it out alive, but sadness returns noticing a note has been left by her mother, explaining that she was called in early for work. Yukio weeps in lament, but to her shock she finds Emily sitting before her on the table, offering her hand as she recalls what Noelle said. She hesitates before reaching out to accept her hand.

- - - -

Months have passed since that day. Outside of Yukio's family home are two women gossiping about the prosperity of the home as of late, and they wonder if Yukio's father got a promotion. The other woman mentions how the mother is a housewife who enjoys baking cakes, but their daughter has gone missing. Noboy knows anything, other than the fact that she was visiting a friends house prior to the disappearance.

As they wonder where she may have been taken, Yukio is shown happily laying with Emily on a couch. With a corpse laying before them.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi wonders how long Emily and Yukio's happiness will last. She then asks what the Reader thinks of the doll and remarks on their own Christmas and whether it will be lonely or not, saying that if they feel courageous she wouldn't mind sending them a present. She reveals Emily to be sitting in a box.




  • In the animated webisode based on this chapter, the Holiday was changed from Christmas to Halloween.


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