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Period 46
Volume 12
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Yomi-Sama's Facts -Prequel-is the 46st chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 3rd chapter in the volume 12 manga.

Premise[edit | edit source]

Asami is a popular young girl whose world is suddenly turned upside-down by a bad fortune she receives from the Hell's Divination board. 

Yomi's Introduction[edit | edit source]

Yomi invites the reader to the classroom and prepares to start when she is asked about the location of the rest of the class. She claims they are there, revealing several ghostly students filling the seats.

Summary[edit | edit source]

One day Asami is approached by her friends. They waste no time in asking her if something happened between her and Hiroto-senpai, who she left for home with the previous day. She admits to being too nervous to do anything, and her friend, Miki begins to jealously tease her by pointing out that it's nice for her to be going out with someone like him, and on top of that all of the boys in class like her too. Their other friend, Shio insists it can't be helped if everyone likes how nice she is, and she is very cute too. Asami is very flustered as they compliment her.

Although she is teased like this, Asami is very happy to have such good friends and be surrounded by so many admirable people. It's their first year as middle school students and everyone seems so excited and bright for their futures- namely falling in love and experiencing romance.

Suddenly, the girls are startled when several pages with manga-style art flutter out of the opened classroom window. A girl about their age desperately tries reaching for them when the bell begins ringing. She and Asami lock surprised gazes for a moment as everyone heads to class. During class Asami observes the girl -Nananya- and listens to complaints of how troublesome she is from the others, considering the distraction her incident caused. They're not surprised she doesn't have friends either; she's so gloomy and she keeps to herself, she likes drawing manga too.

Not wanting to listen to this Asami quickly changes the subject by bringing up that she asked Hiroto if Shio and Miki could hang out the next time they got together. He said it was fine, which makes them very happy. Asami returns her attention to Nanaya and wonders why she acts the way she does, watching as she bumps into another girl on her way from the room. She thinks about the roles people get assigned in life; some are assigned to be loved, and to give love, while others are hated.

Before she can think any further, she is surprised when a group of girls show up with a chart called Hell's Divination. You put a coin on the chart and place your finger on the top of it, then one known as Yomi-sama will move the coin to a certain position after you ask it a question. The girls are all excited to try it out once one of them points out it has a very high accuracy rate, and they locate the necessary coin. One girl suggests they use it to determine Asami's future with Hiroto -once again flustering her- when he suddenly shows up to speak to her.

She talks to him about what they were doing in another room and he is surprised to find out first years could get a hold of something like this. He warns her of its rumor to curse people to death if they don't follow its rules. Asami thanks him for being so considerate when Hiroto remarks that she doesn't need to be so formal with him since they are dating. She admits not being used to it yet and remarks on his maturity. He is very admired, not just by her friends but several others. Hiroto can tell that he is Asami's first boyfriend, and he begins to smile while telling her about the other third years who keep talking about a "cute girl" who enrolled there, and how glad he is to have confessed before someone else could. He then gently grabs Asami and kisses her, then he takes off.

In a daze, Asami becomes very excited to return to class while wondering if she should tell them. She is hesitant but as her friends it's only fair. She heads back into the classroom as one of the girls celebrates her good fortune, but she snaps out of it when the girls begin to make fun of Nanaya, suggesting they use the board to see who has the worst personality in their class. Asami prepares to stop them when it begins moving, but to everyone's surprise the word spelled is A-s-a-m-i. Asami expresses alarm, alerting them to her presence and they quickly try assuring her that Yomi-sama probably makes mistakes- despite the 120% success rate. Unfortunately, they won't even look at her now and their other classmates begin chattering, some even begin to verbally assault her, accusing her of faking her kind and humble personality.

It's impossible to tell what someone else really thinks compared to how they act outwardly.

Asami nearly cries as everyone prepares to head to their next class, and when she approaches Shio and Miki they refuse to leave with her. Soon other students began to talk about her, saying that she's a backstabber who acts cute in public. She also makes fun of others and has a bad personality. Hiroto approaches the shaken Asami and worsens her day when he tells her to forget about his confession. It's really hard to be with her because of what's going on, even third years are talking about it and he's getting unnecessary grief from them, and he knows she has been too.

If he really knew she was like that then he wouldn't have bothered.

Asami weeps as she recalls their kiss from earlier and suddenly, someone throws a volleyball at her and knocks her down. She cowers as the girls responsible appear to retrieve the ball, cruelly making remarks as Asami helplessly wonders what she could have done to make everyone turn on her like this. Just then, Nanaya shows up and grabs the volleyball, throwing it at the other girls to scare them off. It works and Nanaya observes Asami before she compares her to a Tragic Heroine, but wallowing in self-pity isn't going to help anything. Asami is startled Nanaya is even speaking to her when she happens to notice that her classmates wrote Disgusting Otaku Girl on her book.

Asami is also guilty of belittling her, but unlike the others she never said anything openly. She didn't want Hiroto to think poorly of her, was it possible Yomi-sama saw this hidden shallowness?

Nanaya snaps Asami out of her thoughts by saying it wasn't a big deal. She assumes Asami forgot, but she was paying her back for their entrance exam day. She dropped the manga she was drawing and while picking them up, other girls began to make fun of her for being an otaku. But Asami helped her and complimented them, wondering if it was Nanaya's dream to become a Mangaka. Nanaya was shocked by her kindness, and she decided to tell her of her future dream. Asami complimented it, her kindness was genuine.

Nanaya truly doesn't believe in the board or what it has to say. She tells Asami that she must decide how she feels as well, but before she leaves Asami asks if she could read her manga sometime. Nanaya is surprised, but she agrees, with a genuine smile that deeply touches Asami.     

With Nanaya by her side, Asami wonders what everyone is going to think as they return to class the following day. She doesn't really care though. Before heading into the classroom Asami stops overhearing her classmates. One brings up her divination from earlier and to Asami's alarm, she peeks through the door to see that Miki and Shio were the ones responsible for it. They smugly admits to having moved the coin on their own, since it never would have went the way they wanted naturally. They criticize Asami for being so annoying, always talking about Hiroto and getting ahead of herself.

She stands in silence, horrified by the discovery as Nanaya approaches her. They observe the girls as they proceed to continue with their fortunes, deciding to see which girl would become famous in the future. When the coin moves on its own to spell out N-a-n-a-y-a, they express shock before realizing that if Nanaya could become a best-selling mangaka author in the future, they should get on her good side now. She could autograph their things and they would be worth something down the line. As they spot Nanaya, she pulls away from Asami -much to her alarm- and they exchange glances as she steps into the room, leaving her alone.

Asami collapses in grief in the hallway as she thinks about everyone. They were all liars. Her friends claimed to love her, Hiroto said he was glad to have confessed, and now the one person she thought was still on her side. Asami sadly sits in the hallway and observes her stationery cutting tool sliding out of her pencil case. She picks it up and approaches her classroom while holding it.

Who is the one with the worst personality?

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the second chapter with Yomi's name in the title.

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