Period 48: The Sea of Silence
Period 48
Volume 12
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The Sea of Silence is the 48th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series.


Liz is forced on a summer vacation with her family at the beach and she attempts to avoid them at all costs. Then she learns about a young girl named Minako who vanished ten years prior...

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

On the beach Yomi enjoys some ice cream while welcoming everyone. With the warm summer weather, she's prepared a chilling story for everyone~


As her little brother Yuuta sprays her with water, Liz sadly wishes she could have been back at home preparing for summer festivals than forced into a beach trip with her annoying family. Rather than listen to her dads lame jokes she puts on a pair of headphones in an attempt to drown her family out as they make their way to a family oriented, cheap, beach Inn. Her mother admires the scenery before noticing Liz isn't listening, and she rips away her music device saying that as this is a special trip, she cannot ignore them. This action, along with her annoying dad and brother cause Liz's already thinned patience to evaporate and she storms out of the hotel for some privacy.

Lately, Liz has trouble getting along with her family. If it's not arguements with her mother then she's struggling to understand her dad's behavior, and her little brother is annoying her with no end in sight.

As she stands outside, Liz wishes more than anything that she had a different family. She is about to use her phone to chat with her friends until noticing her battery is running low, and because she refuses to step foot back inside she is forced to do something else for now. She looks around to find another room, but it has a sign forbidding entry.

Liz ignores it and takes a quick peek inside to find the place is covered in dust and several items have been packed up and put away. She spots a socket she can use for her phone, but as she tries to lean down to reach it she knocks down a vase of flowers, spilling water on a pile of items. She leans down to find a child's picture diary, and after reading the first image -about the little girl going to the zoo with her parents- she tosses it into the trash, in a foul mood again.

Later that night Liz awakens to the pouring rain outside to see after two am. As her vision clears she spots a wet-looking girl standing near the opened door and sits up in fright, only to realize nobody is there.

The following day, she feverishly repeats what she saw to an elderly woman and begins to describe the girl. She is freaking out at the possibility nobody else has ever seen this girl, who the woman believes may have been Minako-chan. The old woman tells Liz that Minako was her granddaughter, who vanished ten years ago after leaving the guest room one day. She was only six, and she spent a lot of time wandering around the inn with her picture diary. Her son and his wife committed suicide shortly after, and because she feels lonely she can't bring herself to throw away their belongings; which is why she kept the room as-is and tries to keep people from entering it. 

Liz returns to her families living arrangements with the thoughts of that room still on her mind as she recalls how the prior day went. Her mom comes to tell her breakfast is ready and for a second Liz considers telling her what happened, but she can't bring herself to do it. She worriedly fears that by handling the diary so carelessly she might have caused something to happen, even though she didn't mean to. Just then, she sees the strange girl again as her mom tries to check on her, and Liz determines it spoke to her, requesting that she "finds it".

Liz attempts to convince everyone to leave just then, but a man informs her that with this weather right now its not possible. She is terrified but her family continues enjoying themselves, with her mom inviting her to join them in the onsen. She initially considers, only to change her mind as she regrets not just waiting in the lobby. Her mom wishes she could be more honest with them and they take off, leaving Liz alone to sulk.

As the storm rages on, Liz decides that she must reach the lobby. But before she can get up to leave the power suddenly goes out. Just as she theorizes the girl showing up again, Liz is horrified feeling a cold grasp on her shoulder and she turns to find the girl once more. She demands that the girl tell her what she must find and its location, but the girl doesn't respond. Instead she smirks and puts her hand over Liz's face.

The power returns to the room and Liz's family rush back into the room to find her shaken and stressed out. They reveal that the inn keeper, Nakai-san told them of what's been going on, and what happened in the past. They assure her that she can always rely on them, she doesn't need to keep how she feels to herself. Her mom apologizes for not realizing that Liz has been concerned this entire time, and in this moment Liz recalls the past, when she read a scary manga and couldn't get back to sleep. She asked her parents if she could sleep with them and they allowed it.

Realizing the errors of her way, Liz begins to sob as her family comforts her. It's then her dad admits that it could be scary to see the ghost of a couple appear, but her mom assures him that he's just seeing hallucinations because he's afraid. This makes Liz realize that the girl she kept seeing must not have been real either.

Just then, she happens to look at the ceiling to notice something off about it.

Shortly after, word began to spread throughout the Inn that the bones of Minako had been found hidden in the ceiling. The cause of death was theorized to be starvation. As everyone wonders why nobody noticed it sooner, its said that her remains were put into her parents graves.

Liz goes back into the closed room to take out the diary once more. She feels solace in knowing that Minako must be in heaven now that she has been reunited with her parents, and she begins to flip through the picture diary.

It's then she lands on a troubling entry, in which Minako explains how strange her parents were acting as of late. They spent a lot of time arguing about money. Then she sees an entry where Minako describes not wanting to eat the rice her mom prepared, because she saw her put something in it. A few days later, Minako wrote "Three people were supposed to die together. I know those two want to kill me."

Liz is shocked as it dons on her that Minako's parents were planning a family suicide as Minako describes her feelings of panic and fear, and how she was trying hard to find a safe place to hide. She begged for someone to take her place and switch with her. Liz stares at the diary as the picture seems to come to life demanding she switches with her, and she throws the diary away from her in fright.

As she looks up to see the ghost girl, Liz realizes that she wasn't trying to tell her to "find it", she was saying "found it". Behind her, the rotting spirits of the girls parents appear, saying that now they have found her they can follow through with their plans.

Meanwhile, Liz's family is preparing to leave as her mom wonders what could be keeping her. Yuuta stops in place thinking he saw a young girl run by, but he looks to find nobody there.

The laughing spirit of a young girl can be seen running from the Inn.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Holding the picture diary, Yomi stands in the water while informing the Readers that Minako is finally free. She wonders where Liz is now though- but she tells the Readers that they choose how to spend their summer holidays, so they should make it a good one. She tells them that she will see them again next semester.  




  • This story shares similarities with Period 27: Make-Believe Sisters:
    • The eldest daughter is the Protagonist who thinks of their little sibling as annoying.
    • The protagonist has troubles getting along with her family.
    • By the end of the story the Protagonist comes to value her family, only for tragedy to strike.


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