Period 49: Beautiful Mother and Daughter
Period 49
Volume 13
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Beautiful Mother and Daughter is the 49th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series. It's the first chapter in the 13th volume.


Kaede believes herself to truly be a Goddess gifted with beauty, who has never had a rival outshine her. But her ugly mother makes her extremely ashamed. Then one day a miracle occurs...

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi observes a mother-daughter pair and remarks on how pretty mothers are lately- in fact they seem more like friends than a parental figure. She asks if everyone would want this kind of mother.


It's a fresh new morning and Kaede admires her beautiful reflection while basking in her glory, admiring her various pictures and awards. For fifteen years she has always been special and admired by all, nobody has ever come close. Despite this, her mother is hideous.

Kaede steps into the kitchen to find her tired and worn out looking mother doing the dishes, wondering how she could possibly have been an offspring from this. She criticizes her mother by reminding her that she has to change her clothing more regularly, and she's not doing anything with her hair. Her mom admits that because she is always so busy she tends to just overlook these things, being the only other person in the house.

Kaede sits down as she recalls how she has always been ashamed of her mother's appearance. Even when she was little she never wanted her to come to parental visit days at school, she can't understand why they look nothing alike. Hearing her prepare to leave, her mom reminds her of breakfast but Kaede refuses to deal with her right now, storming out of the house. 

At school Kaede pastes on a pleasant face for everyone as she steps into class. Her radiance draws everyone to her like usual and they fawn over her prettiness as Akina-kun, her boyfriend approaches to apologize for their long phone conversation the night before. They are both very popular as the school idol couple, and Kaede relishes every moment. 

Just then, someone spots an adult in another corridor and they observe the old looking woman as she attempts to locate something, noticeably startling a few passing students. Kaede is mortified seeing her mother there and she quickly tries to stay away from her view as she approaches her class window and waves, leaving the others to criticize how dirty and messy she looks while wondering whose parent she is. Kaede angrily wonders why her mom would do this to her considering she told her to never bring anything if she forgot it at home, and as she imagines everyone making fun of her if the truth came out, the juice she was drinking suddenly falls from her hand and spills all over her mom outside. This makes everyone make fun of the woman and tell her to leave as she stands in stunned silence.

As soon as she gets home Kaede angrily chews out her mother for nearly letting everyone find out they were related. Her mother apologizes profusely but Kaede refuses to listen, giving her a mask and sunglasses and demanding she wear them from now on if she must leave the house, and she's not allowed to leave the house out the front anymore either. Kaede loses her temper and screams at her mother for being so hideous, then she runs into her bedroom.

Saddened knowing how Kaede truly feels, her mother gets onto the computer to look up some tips on how to improve ones looks. She then goes to pay the sleeping Kaede a visit. The following day a grumpy Kaede can only helplessly listen as some students in her class continue to discuss the ugly "auntie" who showed up, and they teasingly wonder if she might be a grandma given how wrinkled she was. Suddenly, Akina remarks that he would like to see Kaede's mother, and everyone assumes she must be beautiful like she is, they wouldn't be surprised if she was a formal model or something. Kaede insists she has a normal family but they assume she is just being humble, and she tries to refuse until Akina states his desire to at least see Kaede's home. The others tease him for how suggestive it sounds but he insists it's not like that, and Kaede comes up with the excuse that her mother is sick in bed right now, to avoid looking bad if she flat-out refused.

Kaede allows her friends and Akina to see her home really quick but when Akina asks to see her mom she starts to panic. She tries to refuse again until he points out that they have been dating for half a year now, and he's yet to see anything of her, and because they are dating he earnestly wants their relationship to be handled properly. Kaede is taken by his seriousness, so much that she doesn't notice someone approaching them- the very person she told to stay in her room. She freaks out hearing her mothers voice as everyone excitedly turns around to get a look at her, and to Kaede's shock she sees her frumpy, ugly, wrinkled mother has been replaced by a woman who looks relatively healthier and cleaner. Not only has she changed clothing, but her hair looks nicer, and her wrinkles and facial spots are non-existent. 

Kaede's mom offers everyone some snacks as she stands in stunned silence. Everyone notes that for most part she appears to be just a regular mom like Kaede said, but she is very nice. Kaede can't understand how her mom could have changed like this overnight, and she is left to linger on it for the remainder of the day. The following day Kaede tiredly joins her mother in the kitchen to see she looks even more youthful than the previous day. She happily notices how surprised Kaede looks and asks if its okay for her to leave without the mask now, but Kaede curiously asks her what products she is using to look this nice. However, she doesn't wish to say, and over time Kaede noticed she was becoming more beautiful as she began to wear makeup and cuter outfits.

One morning before school Kaede rushes into her moms room to find her not only using her mirror, but wearing one of her dresses. Her mom asks that she be allowed to borrow it, then she says that it's fine because she bought it for Kaede anyway, and it looks good on her. Kaede is stunned by the display, and confesses in thought that she is feeling nervous now. Before she can say anything, her mom takes off after announcing she's going shopping.

It's then Kaede observes herself in her mirror to see her face looks tired, not only that, but her skin isn't as nice either. She begins to panic until Akina suddenly sends her a text, suggesting that starting tomorrow they should walk to school together. Kaede assures herself that she will feel much better once she gets to school, where everyone showers her with attention and she will feel beautiful again. Kaede arrives to school and approaches her friends, but their horrified expressions cause her alarm. As they attempt to calm down, she asks what the problem is and is given a mirror, where she looks to see her face has become spotted and she's gained a few wrinkles. She freaks out as Akina approaches her, and she desperately tries to hide her face from him as he brings up that she has an "older sister" that he didn't know about. She's confused as he explains coming to pick her up yesterday, when she answered the door. He compliments her beauty, but is quick to point out that it didn't mean anything to him though- but by this point Kaede runs straight for home. 

She throws open the door and yells at her mother for speaking to Akina, but as soon as she stops she realizes her mother isn't home. She is upset and determines that she probably went out to buy more clothing, and she remains frustrated while impatiently waiting for her to return home.

After some time Kaede notices a box beneath the bed, and she pulls it out to find a jar of hair. She panics at the sight, until she overhears someone laughing nearby. She sees someone outside of the nearby window and to her shock, she finds her mother with Akina; and she looks even younger now. Akina appears flustered and offers to take her out shopping again, leaving Kaede devastated.

As her mother steps inside she asks her what she was doing with Akina, but rather than answer her mother teasingly asks her what the problem was- she was the one who said she was embarrassed to have an ugly mother. She approaches Kaede and explains her feelings, saying that she worked very hard to raise Kaede with love and care, and she was always worried because Kaede felt so ashamed of her this entire time. So she found a method that would make everything better.

She approaches the jar of hair as Kaede stares with concern, and she proceeds to lick the hair after revealing it belongs to Kaede. A lot of youth exists in this hair, so for the past several days she has been taking strands of it. Kaede looks into the mirror to realize that she indeed missing a little bit of her hair, and she collapses in fright after realizing her face looks even uglier than before. She helplessly sobs as her mother comforts her, assuring her that she will no longer be an embarrassment for her because she will continue to stay by her side; as they are mother and daughter.

She then runs a large amount of Kaede's hair through her hand.

Some time later, a couple of school girls notice a beautiful girl walking by with someone in a wheel chair, and the girls make conversation by remarking on how nice it is for a grandchild to take care of her elderly relative. Unaware that the wrinkled and sickly, short-haired person was once the beautiful and admired Kaede. 

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi observes Kaede as her mother wheels her through the street, and she remarks on how her wish had been granted. It's then her mom calls her for dinner, but Yomi refuses to show her to the Readers and insists it remain a secret. She then heads out of the room.




  • Yomio makes a cameo on the title page.


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