Period 50: Friend of the Science Room
Period 50
Volume 13
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Friend of the Science Room is the 50th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series. It's the second chapter in the 13th volume.


Asato meets the science room skeleton, and angered by girls who were until recently her friends, she seeks its help for revenge. Then, students begin to go missing...

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi is hanging out in a science lab today. She asks the Readers if they have ever felt as though they are being watched in such a room, and if they think of it as dark and creepy. This story involves one as its setting.


Standing outside of the science room a group of girls avoid stepping inside. Knowing they have to, one of the girls recommends Asato should do it, but when she questions the decision the girls respond by shoving her into the room and locking the door from the outside. They also kick Asato out of the group for opposing them and decide to "release" their prior victim, a simple girl named Chiba, deciding that Asato can take her place.

Asato can hardly fathom why this is happening; just a week ago she was friends with these girls, she was getting along very well with Hana and Yuu.

As she thinks about how this was bound to happen and their cruelty, she is forced to step foot into the science prep room. She finds nothing worth notice but when the others shut the door behind her and manage to lock it, she panics as they make fun of her stupidity. Then to rub salt in the wound, they begin to tease her by saying the rumors might be true after all. It's said that once school ends, the skeleton within the room begins to move around. 

Refusing to let Asato out the girls say goodbye to her and take off, leaving her stuck in this darkened room. Asato insists she isn't scared, but out of the corner of her eye she finds a wrapped up figure nearby and observes it; only to jump when a rat suddenly runs out from beneath the sheet covering it. Asato calms down and takes note of how neatly the skeleton is kept, and she is suddenly inspired to get even with the girls by using it. So she begins to unwrap the skeleton, then finding herself face-to-face with it, she nervously greets it.

Just then her Teacher opens the door, scolding her for being in there after being told not to enter the room. She quickly covers the skeleton back up and leaves the room.

Meanwhile, school is ending when one of the girls notices her hair pin has gone missing. The others note that she was playing with her hair near the science room and they tell her to hurry and retrieve it while they visit the restroom. As she walks off they begin to chat about going out for karaoke, much to Asato's displeasure, still feeling hurt by their betrayal.

She wishes the skeleton rumors were true.

A day later, a skeleton rumor began again. This time a girl from class 3 claims to have seen it in person, causing Asato to become uneasy. The story sounds fake but with class beginning they can't talk about it anymore, and their troubled Teacher steps into the room and gets everyone to settle down, having some concerning news. They inform the class that Yuu did not go home yesterday and ask that if anyone knows anything to contact someone in the faculty room. Asato is startled as Hana and the others claim that everything was normal yesterday, so this doesn't make any sense.

As Asato seems troubled thinking about the science room and when she left, Chiba is shown observing her. Once she gets a chance Asato leaves to return to the science room, but all seems normal. She finds the skeleton in the exact same place as before and is about to go until she sees Yuu's hair pin near the skeleton. She picks it up and asks if it perhaps it is her ally, because of her uncovering it the prior day. But she gets no answer as Hana rushes into the room and asks her who she is speaking to.

Asato's insists its nothing but Hana doesn't buy it, believing that Asato may in fact know something. She calls her a coward and continues on by saying that Asato was always annoying her and Yuu, they spent a lot of time complaining about how much of a suck-up she was and how she always went with everything they did in order to fit in. Asato is deeply hurt upon hearing this and she throws Yuu's hair pin at her in retaliation before running out of the room. Then she turns around to stand against the door as Hana bangs her hands on it demanding to be let out and threatening to tell on her unless she lets her out. 

Wishing for Hana to vanish, Asato is frightened by a blood-curdling scream erupting from the room, and Hana begs for her to open the door in desperation. Slowly she reaches for the door knob to open it, but she is too frightened and she runs away. 

The following day, Hana was regarded as missing as well. By now their classmates were convinced the skeleton rumor must have something to do with it, because another part of the rumor is that the skeleton is looking for something.

Asato remains silent as the only person truly aware of whats going on. She believes they are wrong, in that the skeleton is actually helping her by getting rid of people who caused her pain. It's her friend, so it's perfectly fine for her to use it to dispose of her enemies.

During break, Chiba nervously approaches Asato to speak to her. Asato is surprised as she usually doesn't do things like this, and right away she assumes the withdrawn girl plans on bullying her to. But when Chiba reveals Asato's gym uniform that had been tossed into the trash is now cleaned, Asato is touched by her kindness. She can't understand why she would help her after being part of a group that bullied her in the past. When she asks her why she would do this, Chiba assures her that she too has been cut off from her friends, so she knows how badly it feels. 

As she observes her uniform, Asato starts realizing that she probably was never really friends with Hana and Yuu in the first place. She continues lingering on this and Chiba's kindness until school ends, when she observes her and recalls how in the past she wouldn't ever stand up for herself. She went with the flow of things and never wanted to do something to make the other girls hate her, even if it meant doing things like letting them copy her homework.

Just then the Teacher gives Chiba some papers and asks her to deliver them to the science room, and concerned for her well-being, Asato follows her. She arrives to the science prep room but doesn't see her there, worried that the Skeleton has already taken her away. She awkwardly tries to speak to the covered skeleton, asking it not to take Chiba away, because she's not an enemy.

Asato goes on to say that she has been wondering where those people go as she removes the sheet from the skeleton; and to her horror, she discovers the skeleton has a stitched up body covering everything but the skull. She observes it body to see it has an actively working heart, and she sees body parts and organs within jars nearby. In one jar, she finds an arm and recognizes the clothing belonging to Hana when she saw her last.

It suddenly dons on Asato as she recalls part of the rumor, in that the skeleton was searching for something. The skeleton has been collecting body parts to use so that it could find what its been searching for: a friend.

Just then, Asato notices its eyes begin to glow and the door shuts behind her. As hard as she tries to cry out for help to get the door opened, she finds herself suddenly voiceless. The skeleton appears from behind her, revealing a pair of eyes as it reaches out for her.

Blood splatters the room.

In the hallway Chiba recalls what tasks she has left to do after realizing how late it is. She is joined by Asato, who offers to lend her a hand and asks if its really okay. She giggles and assures her it is, with Chiba unaware of the stitching around her neck as she reminds her that they are friends.

In the science room, a bloodied corpse lays beneath a blanket.  

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

The skeleton in the science room was never Asato's ally. It wished more than anything to have a friend, and to become a human. Yomi tells everyone to cherish their real friends and to avoid falling for falsities as she holds hands with a couple of ghouls.





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