Period 53: Blog of God
Period 53
Volume 14
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Blog of God is the 53rdchapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series. It's the second chapter in the 14th volume.


Kanna has never been noticed or stood out, but when she decides to start up a blog at her friends urging, she finds the key to popularity in the form of very popular blogger.

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi is working on her blog and she introduces the Readers to it, explaining how one is the focus of today's story.


In class, everyone is getitng back their test scores when Kanna's teacher suggests she try harder because she's but an average student. Kanna isn't very surprised as her friends, Mai and Midori, join her to ask how she did. As they are admired by their fellow classmates -Mai got 100% on her test, while Midori is very popular in sports- she thinks about how ridiculously average she is. In her twelve years of living she has never once stood out.

It's then Mai brings up the "MikaMika Blog" has updated today, and they head to the Computer Room to look it up. Every day Mika brings cuteness to everyone's life as she blogs her daily life, featuring such things as manga and anime, sweets, movies, diary entries, and fashions. The trio admire her latest entry about some cakes she's made, and as usual her blog has received a lot of comments- as of late, blogs are very popular and MikaMika has been ranked #1 for some time. In fact, it's considered to be "a blog of God".

As Kanna remarks on how nice it must be to be noticed in such a way, Mai suddenly suggests she try to write a blog too. Kanna refuses as she brings up that she enjoys making plush toys, so she could probably make a blog based around them and take pictures to show everyone. Midori thinks this is a great idea too, but Kanna claims nobody would be interested in a little hobby like that. She remains unsure until they remind her that she can keep the blog a secret for now, and she might stand a chance at popularity; words that cause Kanna to quickly reconsider.

At home, the girls help Kanna set up a blog when she asks what its name should be. One of them suggests Kan-chan's Blog and she agrees, entering it on the website. Then they suggests she write a post, so Kanna uploads a picture of an elephant plush she made recently and types out:

Hello, I'm Kanchan. I've started a blog. My hobby is handicrafts. I make stuff like this.

Kanna observes her first official blog entry but she's not entirely sure if its good since she isn't all that interested in it herself. The girls assure her its fine and promise to check it out every day- and just then she gets a message from someone who asks if its her first blog, then she compliments the stuffed animal. The girls are surprised upon realizing its from MikaMika herself, and watch as she sends another message to request they become friends, offering to put a link of her blog up on her own. Kanna can hardly believe her luck as the girls urge her to hurry up and respond, and she agrees to MikaMika's request. 

However, she gets no response back and the girls wonder if she might have left her PC already, and noticing the time they get up to leave for home. They ask that Kanna get back to them as soon as she gets a reply from her and she agrees, returning inside. She's still overwhelmed someone so popular would reach out to her like this. 

The next day Kanna wracks her brain trying to come up with an idea on what the post today when she spots her count of visitors: 11,502. Seeing the large number, she rushes to school to show her friends -and several classmates- as they look to see Mika linked her blog on her own, just as she offered. While they acknowledge its Mika's doing, they are still very happy for Kanna, as she looks to see she's received 208 comments since yesterday. She finds two that stick out to her from MikaMika in particular:

"Kan-chan, you can become popular. I think you have the talent for it. I'll teach you lots, so let's become popular blogger friends!"

"Rather than just being popular at school, you will have the whole world's attention this way! Let's do our best together!"

Kanna remains perplexed by her sudden attention as she thinks over Mika's words and sees that her viewer count has surpasses 15,000 by now. As she wonders if perhaps maybe she's good at running a blog, Kanna overhears Midori and Mai, who wonder if they should try to start blogs too. She shuts the PC down and gets up to leave, saying her mom asked her to pick up some things on her way home. 

Kanna rushes for home and she begins to think over what would happen if someone like her could become popular. She sends MikaMika a message asking what she should do first, and she suggests that Kanna focuses on easy to understand articles and words otherwise can easily emphasize with, so that it's fun to read.

In no time Kanna's life as a blogger begins. She would take pictures of her creations and post them while writing passionately about the fun she has. She also wrote about other things, such as a manga she really likes. She spends all night writing back to every comment she gets, and she is displeased realizing its now morning.

Just then, Kanna happens to see her blog has been officially ranked at the #12 most popular as of right now. In disbelief Kanna can't understand why she would be so popular, especially in comparison to a comedian who runs their own blog, and one dedicated to an idol group she recognizes. She looks on MikaMika's blog to see an entry from her:

My friend has entered the rankings! I'm so happy! Everybody, please send your best wishes to her blog!

Seeing these words, Kanna begins to wonder if maybe she really is someone after all. Midori and Mai are very excited for her and ask that she show them, but when one of them suggests she post an entry about them tying multiple rounds in a three-way rock paper scissors game, Kanna refuses under the belief it won't bring in any views. She insists the posts must be interesting, and with that she decides to head home because she has to focus on putting up a new article. Midori and Mai are concerned as they recall her refusal to even start a blog initially.

At home, Kanna gushes over her newfound popular as she reads the many comments she has gotten; not only do the viewers love her plush toys, but its even become a must-read for a whole family in one household. Kanna thinks about her time wasted at school just then, saying its foolish when she's gotten so much attention just by doing this. But just then, she sees one message that particular stands out:

I love Kan-chan's blog, way more than MikaMika!

Kanna can hardly believe that, especially because in order to be better than Mika, one must be ranked #1 multiple times. Caught up in her popularity and swollen ego, Kanna begins to wonder if it would be possible to overtake MikaMika.

Over the next few days, Kanna stays home to avoid wasting time that could be spent on her blog. She writes about a trip she took recently, and her opinions on a recent movie. As this is going on, Midori and Mai worry over her further. Kanna's view points has surpassed 20,000 by this point, and she's noticed that its been a couple of days since Mika posted anything. She assumes she just goes at her own pace though, so it's nothing to worry about.

Just then, Mai calls the irate Kanna so that they can tell her their concern. She tells them she doesn't have the time, until Mai brings up a strange rumor they recently heard on 3CH about MikaMika. The rumor claims she's unidentifiable because nobody's ever seen her, in fact they believe she's the ghost of a girl who killed herself over her internet addiction. For a moment Kanna seems anxious- only to tell her friends that its not interesting or worth an article, then she hangs up after asking them to stop bothering her.

She tosses her phone aside and looks to see her views count has reached 53, 871 effectively placing her ahead of MikaMika. Kanna is beyond delighted by the surprising turn of events as she rises from her spot. She admires the several congratulatory comments she's gotten in this short amount of time until she hears the news come on television, reporting the death of a popular blogger, whose corpse was discovered around 11am today. Kanna is alarmed as they go on to reveal the girl had been crushed under her desk with the PC still on it, and she was identified as the owner of MikaMika's Blog.  

Kanna stands in stunned silence as the television continues to discuss what could have happened, wondering if she was murdered or if she killed herself. Just then, the power goes off in Kanna's home, but for some reason her PC is still on. She watches as the mouse moves on its own to reveal several new comments she has gotten, with one saying "after MikaMika, it's Kan-chan's role now". She's given little time to respond when she sees ghost coming from her computer, telling her that until she dies she must entertain them by writing new posts.

Kanna collapses in fright as it suddenly dons on her. The ghost wasn't MikaMika like the rumor suggested, but these guys. They must have been forcing Mika to keep writing once she became popular: the only reason she reached out to her was to pass on the role to someone else. Realizing her popularity was never her own doing, Kanna desperately reaches for her phone and she begs Mai for help, but still feeling hurt from earlier, Mai tells her not to talk to her and she hangs up.

Surrounded by ghosts, Kanna can only weep as her world crashes around her.

Years pass, and a couple of passing women discuss the home of a shut-in they are standing near. They feel really bad for her knowing her parents are unable to help her leave her room, even after they tried everything. They wonder what she could possibly be doing.

Within the room, the older and sickly looking Kanna continues typing away.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

As she types on her own computer, Yomi wonders if Kanna will be trapped and forced to keep typing until she dies. She remarks on how comments and sugarcoated lies can be hard to ignore, and she warns the Readers to be careful.




  • On the official popular blog listing, Yomi's blog is placed as 13.
  • This period has similarities with Period 17: Black Forum:
    • The story primarily focuses on a girl obsessed with using social media on her computer.
    • In both stories the Protagonist turns on her friends, and someone she knows or heard of is discovered to be dead late in the story.
    • The protagonist is targeted by ghosts at the end of the story.


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