Period 56: Capsuled Personality Vending Machine
Period 56
Volume 15
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Capsuled Personality Vending Machine is the 56th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series. It's the second chapter in the 15th volume.


Kozue is extremely shy and withdrawn, to the point that nobody notices her. In hopes of changing this, she comes across the Capsuled Personality Vending Machine...

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Within a gacha machine location, Yomi observes them all, then she asks the Readers if they noticed one that is slighly different.


In her sixth grade class is a shy girl who is nearly overlooked as a classmate runs in to invite six more people to join some of them in playing badmiton. Kozue apologizes to her friend for being so shy as she leads her outside, and she thinks about how she unnoticeable she is. She is very quiet, so she has little presence, and she doesn't participate in much. She's the total opposite of her friend Mika; in fact she doesn't even think nobody would realize they are such good friends in the first place.

She can't help but feel jealous.

As they walk home together, Mika asks her if she is alright noticing she is distracted. She claims she is, but Mika is suspicious, which causes her to become uneasy. Mika seems to understand, knowing her well enough by now, but she insists Kozue is fine the way she is. Those who don't know her well enough wouldn't know her strong points, such as her fondness in collecting weird things, and a manga known as Patrol Man. Kozue is very touched when Mika goes on to say she likes these things about her, and she is very happy to have Mika. But even then, she can't help the way she feels.

It's then Kozue spots a row of capsule machines and she becomes entranced noticing how new they are. As she wonders when they were added, she suddenly recalls what Mika said and begins to worry. Until she notices one that reads "Capsuled Personality Vending Machine", in which her curiousity gets the better of her. She decides to get one from it and inserts her coin, turning the handle and taking the red capsule from the machine. She notices it looks empty and pops it open, but while there doesn't seem to be anything inside, Kozue feels a strange aura surrounding her momentarily.

The following day, the girls are observing a magazine trying to decide where in Harajuku they want to visit. But when they can't make up their minds, Kozue raises her hand and she asks if they could stop by a place called Maru-chan, then she points out the plaza nearby, and a crepe shop Saki and Naru wanted to visit. Realizing how effecient this is, the girls thank Kozue and agree to her suggestion. While she is happy, Kozue can't believe she actually managed to state her opinion for once.

Overwhelmed by sudden anxiety, Kozue rushes to the restroom while wondering how she possibly did this, since she never speaks so openly. She then recalls the capsule she opened the prior day and takes it out of her bag, where she sees "to express yourself clearly: red" is written on it. Once school ends, Kozue returns to the capsule machine and she wonders what else its capable of doing, so she purchases a few more.

The next day she surprises everyone when she brightfully runs into class with a picture of her neighbors dog Mayuge did something funny. As everyone responds, Kozue happily takes notice of how these capsules are making her mouth move on its own, and she recalls the capsule she used earlier, which said "To make people laugh: Yellow". Mika is startled to see Kozue's newfound openness as other girls begin to compliment her and give her their attention, wishing she would have talked to them sooner. 

Over time, Kozue began to use more capsules, from the intellectual and cool blue, to advocating of peace. She's made many friends in this time, and she is more-than delighted with the effects of the capsule machine.

Then one day, Mika calls for her to remind her that they were going to get the next volume of a manga they like. Her behavior has been making her suspicious though, observing her as she chats with some other girls. As they walk through town, Kozue notices Mika has been staring at her and Mika suddenly confronts her by saying she has been acting weird, and she's kind of laying "it" on thickly. She says once more that she likes the normal Kozue. 

Kozue grips one of the capsules within her pocket, and she brightly insists that this is the real her, but Mika isn't so sure. She feels bad and mentally apologizes to Mika, knowing how worried she is for her, but rather than just be liked by one person she would rather be liked by many, so she plans to keep doing it.

One day, Kozue admires some change she stole from her mom's wallet and wonders which capsule she will get today. But just then she overhears her friends bringing up their plans to see a movie with her later, and as she is joining them by the shoe-lockers, she freezes in place when they decide not to go. She listens as they complain that while she is fun to hang out with, she keeps changing personalities now, which is kind of weird, and they don't know if she can be trusted anymore. They also mention that Mika doesn't want to be near her either, and Kozue is alarmed as she waits for her response, and Mika ends up agreeing with them.

It's then Kozue steps back, and her shoe alerts them of her presence. Before Mika can stop her, Kozue turns away and runs from them. Mika runs after her to try convincing her to stop so that she can apologize for what she said, but seeing how hurt she is, she can only stop and watch as she runs away.

Whether she is there or not, Kozue has come to realize it makes no difference. She runs all the way to the capsule machine as she thinks about how much she has been hurting, and she weeps while wondering why nothing goes right for her. She can't understand why even though she's changed for the better, its still not good enough for them; and by now she has no one.

As she forces herself to calm down, Kozue notes there is one final capsule left. She stares at it and recalls Mika's earlier statement of liking her just the way she is, but desperate to be liked and avoid being hurt again, she uses one final coin on the machine.

Just then, Mika shows up and calls out for Kozue. She is surprised, as she picks up the last capsule and turns to face her.

The following day, Kozue arrives to school and everyone surrounds her again, wanting to talk to her and greeting her good morning. She is very happy; because of the last capsule, she is stuck like this. Everyone has turned on her and began to draw mean spirited things on her property, they ask that she lend them money, and they insult her. A few friends ask if this is really okay as they observe Mika nearby, who claims that it is because now it doesn't even matter what she says.

Because of the last capsule, Kozue is surrounded by everyone. She thinks she is very lucky.

In her hand, the last capsule reads "to not care about anything and be happy: white".

Elsewhere, the Capsuled Personality Vending machine has been installed. As some girls chat about it and how there is another one nearby, one approaches it deciding to give it a try.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi observes Kozue and remarks that her happiness will last forever. She asks the Readers what personality they would want, and she suggests they try to find it. She's sure they will find one they like, and she reveals that she is sitting in a massive pile of capsules.





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