Period 57: Photo Sticker Collection
Period 57
Volume 15
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Photo Sticker Collection is the 57th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series. It's the third chapter in the 15th volume.


There is said to be a special frame that will transform ones looks if they can find it in the photo booth- and Hikaru, tired of being teased for her appearance is desperate to take advantage of it.

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi greets the Readers, and when she notices they're looking at the item in her hands, she shows them the photo stickers her friends took. It's become really popular as of late; so she asks if the Readers have been doing it as well.


A group of classmates observe the photo stickers they took recently when they notice Hikaru was clowning around making funny expressions in them. She doesn't see the big deal because in her opinion, this is what makes it fun, but she starts to feel awkward as everyone compliments Kanan's dainty face. She claims Hikaru is cute too, but she doesn't really agree as she recalls having known Kanan for two years- namely because in both of them she got seated next to her, and as a result she's often lumped with her.

In comparison to an idol like Kanan, she's nothing special. She always gets laughed at for the faces she makes.

As she stops to observe Kanan and confesses that she is cute, she overhears some girls discussing the "dreamy sticker machine" located at the game center. There's said to be a hidden frame, and if you can find it your pictures will seemingly transform to make you look beautiful, as if you undergo a transformation.

Class begins and Hikaru finds herself distracted thinking about this strange rumor she just heard. As their Teacher threatens to dispose of anyone's sticker sheet collections should he see them out, Hikaru leaves out the tiny one of her and Kanan and wonders if this rumor is true. 

After school she heads to the game center and observes the various frame options, but try as she might she's unable to find anything hidden or secret within it. She's tried several of them before already, and nothing she hasn't is doing the trick. She realizes it must just be a rumor after all and prepares to leave the booth when she sees Kanan and a few girls from class and quickly ducks back inside. She can't let them find her there because she lied earlier and said she had to run home before doing anything else, which is why she couldn't come today.

As Kanan and another girl observe their pictures together, Saori remarks that someone would need courage taking pictures with Kanan; she really thought it wouldn't be too bad becase she's not plain like Hikaru. Hikaru is stunned as she hears another girl laugh at Saori's words, but Saori claims that while the faces she make are awful, she does make them look better. Kanan is lucky because she was born cute they reason, but Kanan only gives them a lukewarm "I guess" and she seems concerned about something. The girls continue to laugh as they think about Hikaru, who has dropped her bag within the booth and is trying hard not to cry.  

Just then, she hears a voice from the machine, saying a frame has been selected. Curiously, Hikaru glances at it to see a pretty, flowery frame she can't recognize after noting she didn't put more money into the machine, and she stares at it with surprise wondering if this is the rumored frame she heard about earlier. Angered by Saori and the other girls cruelty towards her, Hikaru takes some pictures in hopes the rumor is true so that she can make them eat their words. She removes the picture and is very confused as she observes it.

The next day Hikaru is stared at by everyone as she makes her way into school and nobody seems to recognize her. Saori and their other friend rushes up to greet her and are startled as she turns to look at them, and they ask her why her face seems to look so different. Hikaru recalls her pictures and notes that while she looks the same in the pictures, she noticed her eyes seem to look more feminine, and she's suddenly lost the zits she had. The frame rumors must be true.

As Hikaru makes her way to class, everyone begins fawning over her and her sudden cuteness. She's not used to the attention, especially when Saori and their other friend sit down to ask her if she would like to go take some more funny face pictures again. Hikaru is surprised by their sudden kindness, but she isn't falling for it. Now that she looks cute, she assumes they dislike her now. Her thoughts seem confirmed as Kanan tries to convince her to come and Hikaru overhears the girls laughing from behind her. With revenge on her mind, Hikaru agrees, but she asks that they wait until tomorrow because today isn't good for her. 

After school Hikaru rushes back to the machine, where she is revealed to not only have lost weight, but she's gained gorgeous, long flowing locks of hair. Everyone is extremely shocked by the sudden change as she relishes their reactions within her mind. She approaches Kanan and ask if they can take photo stickers together today, and she seems uncertain about something. Their classmates appear interested in the idea under the belief that even if they make silly faces, they will still look cute, and she tries to encourage her to agree- to the point of really rubbing it on thick.

She's loving every minute of this.

The next day everyone admires Hikaru's pictures and asks to have some when Saori and their other friend approach to ask if they can take pictures again. She refuses on the ground she would be sacrificing her beauty for such things now, shocking the girls as she happily hands over her old album to the Teacher and asks him to dispose of it; she wants to forget that the old Hikaru ever existed. Her Teacher seems concerned, along with Kanan, who is shown observing her with concern. 

After school Hikaru prepares to leave when she notices she is running late for club and drops her album. She accidentally steps on it and for some reason, feels a sudden jolt of pain. It hurts very bad, and she quickly retrieves the book and rushes through the hallway. She can't understand what just happened. But in her hurry, she accidentally bumps into a girl who spills a bucket of water all over her. As this is going on, she hears another girl discussing the juice stain on her album while observing the album she was holding, now soaked and wrinkled.

Hikaru begins to feel ill as it dons on her that whatever is happening to the sticker album appears to be happening to her as well. Realizing that she could be in big trouble if someone was to rip apart any pictures of her, Hikaru quickly swipes albums from anyone she gave a picture to in order to remove it before she can be hurt any more.

She removes her picture from several albums as the others are shown concerned by her sudden and unusual behavior. But realizing she gave them out so freely causes Hikaru to panic as she fails to recall every single one she gave out and their current owner. She runs away to try to locate any more pictures when she overhears someone remark that she gets on their nerves, and she steps into the room just in time to see the person a needle near her picture.

She is shocked to find Saori and their other friend, who make fun of Hikaru and assume she's had plastic surgery. They reason its impossible for her to have become pretty so quickly when she was so plain before. Saori tells her to die and nearly pricks the picture- only for Kanan to come to Hikaru's rescue and run in front of it to stop her. As they ask her why this is, Kanan angrily tells them off. She has been giving it some thought and she came to the conclusion that they have disgusting personalities, and she refuses to hang out with them any longer.

Saori and their other friend tell her off and they leave, refusing to "fawn over her anymore" as Hikaru collapses from anxiety. Seeing her, Kanan approaches Hikaru to ask her if she remembers when they took their first picture together, because she had so much fun. While Hikaru was panicked over messing up, it had been her first as well and seeing her laugh so much at her own expense made Kanan realize what it was about Hikaru that was so appealing and she lkes that her the best. She asks her if they can return to the way things were back then, and Hikaru begins to cry.

Kanan goes on to ask if they should throw away this sticker that remains, explaining that she asked their Teacher to dispose of her older ones as she didn't like them too much. Just then it dons on Hikaru that with him disposing of the stickers, they will be shredded up in a machine.

Just like that, her life is ripped apart.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi overlooks the photo-stickers she took with a friend and notes that while you may want to look cute on the outside, its important to be mindful of what you wish for. She goes on to say that she's decided to be cute on both the outside and inside.




  • This chapter shares similarities with Period 32: The Queen's Trick:
    • It stars an un-feminine girl with short hair. She also has a cute and popular feminine classmate.
    • Both Kanan and Mirei resemble each other.
    • Both protagonists go through a change that improves their appearance and makes them popular.


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