Period 5: Bloody Valentine
Zekkyou gakkyuu 5
Period 5
Volume 2
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Bloody Valentine is the fifth chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 2nd chapter in volume 2.


Misaki attempts to get together with her beloved Naoyuki-senpai; but in this time she finds out that she has a love rival, a crazy girl unwilling to share him. But is that all there is to this innocent love story?

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi greets the readers holding some chocolate. She mentions how the holiday is coming up and asks if they have prepared yet.


One day while waiting outside, Misaki was observing a chocolate making book when Naoyuki approached; her first love and senpai. She admires his hard-working efforts put into everything, and how kind he is.

A month later, Misaki is snapped out of her thoughts by her friend Aki, who came by to ask about her progress with Naoyuki. Misaki scolds Aki for being too loud and brings up the chocolate making book she's been studying lately. Aki recalls observing her reading it during class, even after the Teacher caught her, and Misaki explains her intentions of giving Naoyuki something handmade. Aki admits that she was surprised someone like Misaki would hook up with their school idol, and she really didn't think her confession would go over well- but she's happy that they managed to hook up. Misaki claims that all she did was confess to him, deciding that while he still remembered her, it would be better to be upfront.

Suddenly hearing a couple of girls outside chatting, the girls observe them ask Naoyuki if he has a girlfriend. He pauses before responding, noticing Misaki by the window, then he confirms that he does and describes how cute she is to them. Misaki is very flustered, but he refuses to tell them who the girl is, which disappoints her. She would like for people to know who she is by now, then she realizes they have yet to go on a date either. He's so busy at cram school that he never replies to her texts; are they really a couple?

Misaki then spots a strange girl staring at her from where Naoyuki was, and she wonders why this girl is so close to him. Aki, seeing this warns Misaki that she should be careful, because popular people have a difficult time dealing with their fangirls.

Upon arrival to home Misaki gets to work on the chocolate and spends several hours working on it. She knows she complains a lot about the faults in their relationship, but she realizes that she should just be happy Naoyuki even considers them to be a couple. He could have chosen any girl. Misaki packs away the chocolate and prepares to clean up before attempting to send him text to discuss meeting up, until realizing it's 2:00 am and she changes her mind to avoid being inconsiderate. As she prepares to put away her things, she accidentally knocks over her bag to find several threatening letters inside. She thinks back to what Aki said earlier.

The following day Misaki remains sullen until Aki joins her again to ask if she will be meeting with Naoyuki now. She confirms that she is, but still uneasy over the threats she hesitates before heading to the shoe lockers where Naoyuki and his friend are chatting. His friend asks if he will be going to see his girlfriend today, and Naoyuki explains that he's decided to make today special. She has been getting bullied a lot as of late, and to make it stop he's been avoiding her, so he really wants her to be happy today. This causes Misaki to realize that he's been so secretive about their relationship as a means of protecting her, and she is genuinely touched by the gesture and prepares to call out to him when suddenly, someone yanks her outside.

Misaki is startled seeing the girl from before, who coldly observes her before revealing one of the threatening letters. Misaki realizes that this girl must have sent it before the girl begins to yell at her to stay away from Naoyuki, angrily chewing her out for everything she's done and blaming her for getting in their way. No matter what Misaki does to her or them, Naoyuki will never like her.

Misaki is stunned by her abrasiveness when Naoyuki joins them and yells at the girl -Sasaoka- for wasting time on "this girl". She goes silent and Misaki quickly claims there must be a mistake, but to her shock he coldly tells her off and asks how long she plans on continuing them pain like this, recalling how she's always sending him messages and weird letters and being aggressive towards Sasaoka. Confused, Misaki asks if they are dating and she brings up her confession, causing Sasaoka to yell at her and remind Misaki that he rejected her. This causes Misaki to recall the event in question.

Naoyuki turned her down, pointing out that they hardly knew each other. His friends joined them having overheard the discussion and they teasingly inform her that he already has a girlfriend, then they ask Naoyuki how often this happens. He claims it isn't his fault if girls like him so much, and he leaves to join Sasaoka as she arrives. Despite this ordeal, Misaki could only think of him as the kind Senpai she met and couldn't fathom why he would be with Sasaoka.

After this, she spent several hours working on the threatening notes and sent one to Sasaoka in order to frame her for it later- and prior to this she had thrown a rock or ball through a window in an attempt to injure her, explaining her bandaged eye. 

Naoyuki steps in front of Sasaoka to reveal that in order to protect her from Misaki he pretended to break up with her. Misaki refuses to listen and she attempts to convince him that they are dating by showing him the chocolate she spent all night making, but he shoves it away and they take their leave. Shocked and dismayed, Misaki stares at the broken remnants of the chocolate. 

Suddenly, she snaps out of her thoughts to find herself sitting on a bench with Naoyuki, who asks if she was listening to him. When she expresses confusion, he repeats what he said about the chocolate she gave him, and Misaki looks to see that Sasaoka is nowhere nearby. She sighs with relief and claims she is fine after he asks if she's alright.

It was just a nightmare.

Unfortunately reality sets in, showing the broken Misaki as she sits on the bench by herself talking to the Naoyuki she imagined being there. As this is going on, a nervous couple quickly pass by while observing her, unaware of the bloodied and unconscious couple laying on the ground as an ambulance sounds in the distance. 

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi unwraps a chocolate while discussing Misaki's story and how easy it is to lose one-self when falling in love. It's impossible for Misaki to end up happy- unless it's in her own delusional world. She breaks the heart and begins to lick it before saying that one should be careful when it comes to love.

Chapter BonusEdit

Naoyuki awakens in the hospital and he is relieved knowing he didn't suffer too badly and will be able to leave soon. He also finds out that his girlfriend is okay and will be coming to pick him up, and how they caught the girl who attacked them and she was institutionalized.

However, it's Misaki who stands by the door, not Sasaoka. She framed her and now that she has been locked up, nobody will suspect it was truly her who did it; and now he is free for her to enjoy. As reality sets in again, Naoyuki can only express horror.





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