Period 60: Red Heeled Woman
Period 60
Volume 16
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Red Heeled Woman is the 60th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series. It's a chapter in the 16th volume.


Fashion expert Marin is well-admired by her classmates. But one day after another manages to impress everyone, she resorts to sabotage using the urban legend of the Red Heeled Woman.

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi admires some beautiful red shows in a store window and confesses that she would like to try them out sometime.


Marin loves to go shopping, and she dreams of nothing more than to become a fashion model.

One day, she is approached by her friends who are quick to compliment her outfit for the day. Marin thanks them and brings up convincing her mom to let her get it. She shows that she is very confident in her appearance and introduces herself as a fashion expert as everyone admires her- but she has one small problem. Her friends are so plain.

As Marin walks into school she thinks about a pair of shoes she would have liked to have worn with this outfit, but she couldn't do it knowing they would get filthy in gym class. It's then she overhears some girls gushing over another girls shoes, and she observes them in awe -recalling she was just looking at them the day before- as the girl explains that she has wanted them for so long and her dad bought them for her. The girl compliments Marin's own shoes, and while the others agree, she feels the girl gave her pure sarcasm.

In class, Marin fumes over the shoes Ochiai got. She tries hard to convince herself its not worth it, claiming her classmate is full of herself, and how they'll just get dirty during gym anyway. It's then she overhears her friends bring up "that" has appeared again. She expresses confusion and they note that it makes sense she wouldn't know about it, as she doesn't have an older sister and the rumor is very popular with the older kids. It's about "the Red Heeled Woman", who is said to be donning all white and searches for her red shoes. If she finds a girl wearing red shoes, she'll take out a large pair of scissors and cut her feet off.

Everyone appears to be grossed out or anxious over this, except for Marin, who is disappointed because she was hoping a model would be involved in the story, rather than it being some urban legend. As she overhears Ochiai discussing how scary this is with her friend, she suddenly gets an idea.

With a big red marker, Marin sneaks into the shoe lockers and scribbles all over her brand new shoes. She feels no remorse as Ochiai sadly observes her ruined shoes, saying she deserved it for trying to stand out.

After school Ochiai worriedly heads for home while wondering what her mother will say when she sees her ruined shoes. It's then she hears a strange sound, and she turns in fright to find something scary waiting for her.

The following day everyone in class is discussing what happened to her. Apparently the white-clothed woman chased her, and she ran as fast as she could and tried to get help. The shock of the traumatic ordeal has made her stop coming to school all together.

Marin notices how upset her friends seem to be and all eyes turn on her, but she quickly assures them that Ochiai probably imagined it. Her friends still seem uncertain, while a boy classmate accuses her of being at fault so its easy for her to dismiss it. Just then, a few classmates gang up on her and tell her off for being rude, even if she is a fashion expert; she has no right bullying others.

Marin is very shocked as her friends try to calm her down noticing how shaken she is by this harshness. But she is pissed off with them for saying something like that to her, accusing them of being idiots for even believing in a story like that. Out of spite she goes and covers the boys shoes using red paint this time, much to his shock as he finds them later. He yells at her but she feels no remorse, thinking that he genuinely deserved it because an unfashionable boy like him has no right to talk down to her. Her friends seem to be concerned noticing this.

The next day, Marin arrives to school to overhear that her male classmate -Sakai- was also chased by the woman. His legs had been cut and he had to be hospitalized until they can heal. By now Marin is beginning to worry that maybe Ochiai didn't imagine the woman.

Days begin to pass and more and more students are either targeted by the woman or injured. One day, everyone begins to stress out when they bring up that behind the Preschool building, the office lady was attacked and barely managed to get away. Knowing the woman is getting closer to them is raising the anxiety levels of everyone; including Marin, who is beginning to get paranoid.

As she heads for home, she hears a strange sound and observes a bunch of crows picking at the garbage. She assures herself that she will be fine though, because she isn't even wearing red shoes. But as she stands there, she realizes that it was her fault Ochiai and Sakai were attacked- but she didn't know the rumors were true, so she can't be at fault.

The following day at the shoe lockers, as its time to head home Marin is alarmed to find her shoes are covered in red; much as what she had done to Ochiai and Sakai's own shoes. Her friends are concerned and they initially assume the boys are doing it as payback, but they claim not to have any idea who did it. Marin scoffs at this and decides to wear her school shoes home then, but seeing how uneasy she is, her friends offer to join her because there would be better odds for them given there would be three-against-one, and they also have protection against bad people. Marin is touched by their courageousness and hesitantly she puts on her other shoes.

The trio make their way for home when Marin finds an alarming sight, the woman in white, with a pair of scissors. She falls back in fright as she recalls the story, but just then, her friends begin to laugh at her, along with some others as the woman is revealed to be Sakai. Marin is stunned as her friends tell her off for always looking down on them, and they tell her that they were sick of her rude attitude. One even goes on to say that her fashion sense isn't even that great in the first place.

They continue picking on her as Marin stays in place as the gravity of the situation sinks in, when suddenly, one girl notices a suspicious woman some feet behind her. She takes out her scissors as everyone stands in alarmed silence, and announces she has found her red shoes. As she approaches Marin, everyone screams in fright and runs away, leaving Marin behind to fend for herself. She quickly gets up and runs, realizing that while this was a prank Ochiai must have really been attacked after all. 

She runs all the way around a corner, but to her alarm the woman is right there waiting. She asks for Marin's shoes and explains how much she really wants them. She had been saving up and finally could afford the shoes she wanted, but on the way to get them a car ran her legs over. She pulls up her long skirt to reveal torn skin and bone covered in blood to Marin, revealing she is lacking feet.

Marin runs in the opposite direction and comes to an opening when something occurs to her. She pulls off her shoes, reasoning that if she just takes them off she should be okay. She chastises herself for not realizing this sooner and tosses them aside, but just as she turns under the belief she is safe, she fails to see the car coming in her direction and is directly hit by it.

The car takes off and Marin lays on the ground profusely bleeding. As she weeps from the pain, she sees the woman approach her and in admiration, she holds up her scissors and proclaims she has found the "red shoes" she was looking for. Marin helplessly lays at her mercy and she wastes no time cutting off her blood-soaked feet.

- - - -

Time passes, and a young girl notices the woman walk by and admires her shoes. She tells her mother she wants red shoes like her. As the woman in white walks away from them, a blood trail is shown from beneath her gown.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi wonders if the woman is still walking around today in search of her beautiful shoes. The red shoes she was shown looking at earlier are dripping with blood as she warns the Readers to be careful when they leave their home in red shoes, because she might be in their town.





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