Period 61: Paradise Box
Period 61
Volume 16
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Paradise Box is the 61st chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series. It's a chapter in the 16th volume.


To get by on warm weathered days, Atsuna cherishes nothing more than to visit her paradise within the fridge.

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

With it being so warm out Yomi asks the Readers how they stay cool; with an air conditioner, a fan, or...


A young girl arrives home and rushes straight for the AC, excessively sweaty and in a foul mood. She can't understand why its so warm during September, and she begs for her cooling device to work quicker. For relief, Atsuna runs into the kitchen and opens the fridge in adoration, then she lays her head on the shelf; something that's become a daily habit, until her mother comes by to chew her out. She scolds her daughter for not thinking about her younger brother, who is likely to copy things she does- although he insists he isn't that stupid.

From the fridge, Atsuna tells her brother off until her mom forces her out of it. She pouts and accuses them of not understanding how wonderful her paradise is, especially given the heat. But by now she assumes her air conditioner might have kicked in, so she returns to her room. But as she arrives, she finds her mom is already one step ahead of her, and she refuses to let her turn the temperature below 26 degrees, noting she had it at 23. 

At school the following day Atsuna's friends chastise her weakness to heat. She's still in a bad mood as she informs them of what happened the prior day, and she thinks about how much she would rather rip her pants off right now for some relief. But because that's not an option, she'll need to think of something else.

Upon getting home Atsuna waits for her mom to leave and go check on the laundry, then she quickly runs for the fridge to lay her head inside. She quickly runs back to hide as her mom returns, and she comes to the conclusion that if she can do this at least ten times a day, she'll probably be able to stay nice and cool.

And so, Atsuna began to take advantage of this. She didn't know how she would be able to live without her paradise, but suddenly, she takes note of a strange, shimmery marking at the very back of the fridge. She doesn't see why it should be dirty, considering her mother cleans it and they only got it about a year ago. As she notices the strange mark kind of looks like an eye, she's suddenly swatted by a rolled up paper her mom is wielding, and she scolds her again- this time for taking her for a clueless parent. 

Atsuna sniffles, but she refuses to live with this heat. She will get to her paradise no matter what.

The next day when Atsuna sees a sign from her mother telling her not to open the fridge she tears it off. But before she can get to paradise, she sees that another mark has appeared in the fridge, so it looks like a pair of eyes. She feels awkward about it considering it looks like she's being watched now.

A bit later she's called to get the mail, and as she brings it in Atsuna wonders if her mom could be playing a prank on her. Just then, the bell rings and Atsuna opens the fridge door assuring herself its not worth worrying over. But by now, it looks like a whole person is forming inside the fridge- staring right back at her. She falls back in fright as her mother returns, and she asks her alarmed daughter if something is wrong.

She tells her mom that there's a strange, human-shaped shimmer within the fridge, but when she looks she fails to see anything. She calls Atsuna weird, but she remains worked up and asks her mom where she bought the fridge. She explains that her Aunt gave it to them, because it was still new and she didn't need it, it would have been a waste to throw it away. Atsuna is surprises as her mother brings up an old friend, Rei-chan, who she used to play with when they were much younger. One day, Rei went missing without a trace. She recalls how Rei used to like playing pranks using the fridge, and she always ignored their scoldings and kept doing it. Her aunt had a hard time keeping the fridge because it would remind her of her missing child.    Atsuna is shocked as she realizes she has been doing this as well. From the corner of her eye she thinks she notices something, and in fright she dashes out of the room. She heads straight to her friends house and explains what happened, and she thinks about the human shape in the fridge, wondering if it was somehow Rei; as if she was keeping watch on her. While her friend seems confused, she offers Atsuna some ice cream and pulls out a few bars, but she accidentally drops them. Atsuna doesn't seem to mind though, just relieved not to see any strange shimmer in her fridge as she takes hers.

Just then, she sees a pair of eyes staring at her again and in a blind panic, she screams out before running away from her friends home. Imagining the various freezers and refrigerators surrounding her, Atsuna fears that this "girl" is trying to drag her inside, wherever she is. She comes to a stop and realizes that if she returns the fridge to her Aunt, then maybe this wont happen anymore. 

Atsuna runs for home and calls for her mom, but to her confusion nobody is home. She decides to go elsewhere until someone comes home, but when she tries to open the door she finds it wont budge. She also realizes the windows are shut, and suddenly she begins to realize how warm this room is. She tries to turn on the air conditioner, but it won't come on either. She wonders if the girl in the fridge could have something to do with this and frantically tries to call her mom for help with the nearby phone, she begs for her to come home when she answers and tries to tell her how overly hot its become, but her mom assumes she is just pulling a prank on her and refuses to listen.

Her mom goes on to say that because of how worried Atsuna was about the fridge, she called her Aunt to ask and she remarked that she got it from an Acquaintance. As Atsuna listens to this, she sees some pictures of her and Rei when she was little. By now Atsuna is struggling to focus on the phone call as the sweltering heat becomes too hard for her to bare, and she slowly makes her way back over to the fridge. She realizes she has no choice and drops the phone, leaving her mom to worriedly yell out for her.

Unless she opens it, she will become overwhelmed by the heat.

Atsuna opens the fridge, but to her shock she finds it completely empty of any sort of strange shimmer. She admires her lovely paradise and happily sinks inside of it, relieved to find nothing scary inside. She convinces herself that it must have all been an illusion, and she thinks about having a nice cold drink, and some ice cream after she can pry herself out.

It's then she hears her mom, and she pulls herself away from the fridge to hurry and close it. Suddenly, Atsuna looks to see she's surrounded by nothingness.

Her mom arrives home and noticing the opened fridge, she shuts it and assumes Atsuna probably left it open. She tries to call out for her daughter and starts losing her patience as she leaves to search for her.

In the refrigerators void, Atsuna is surrounded by her cousin and others who fell for the fridge's temptation. She begs for her mother to see her, but they assure her that everything will be okay, because they can enjoy their paradise together and they are all happy. 

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

As she sips from her drink, Yomi teasingly claims she is jealous that they can live in Paradise. She asks the Readers if they would like to visit their paradise, but warns them that the summer heat could send them elsewhere.


  • Atsuna
  • Seiji
  • Atsuna's Mom
  • Rei



  • The ice cream that Atsuna's friend gives to her is based on the GariGariKun brand.


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