Period 62: The Girl in the Poster
Period 62
Volume 16
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The Girl in the Poster is the 62nd chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series. It's a chapter in the 16th volume.

Premise[edit | edit source]

For an upcoming art contest Yue decides to base her entry on an old drawing her father did. But for some reason, the drawing keeps changing.

Yomi's Introduction[edit | edit source]

Yomi is working on an entry for an art competition and asks for some opinions. She observes a couple of ghosts, then decides to paint something new; she wants to surprise everyone.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Admiring her limitless freedom in the form of paper and drawing supplies, Yue is approached by some classmates who have discovered that another one of her posters was chosen to be featured. Yue outwardly remains humble, insisting that nobody with skill entered. However, she was actually very confident. She's loved to draw since she was little, it would only make sense she would be so talented by now. But she refuses to say that on the ground she might sound arrogant.

It's then a handsome classmate remarks that she has become their classes pride, and he asks for her autograph once she becomes famous. Yue is very flustered and he goes on to bring up the upcoming traffic safety art contest. She plans on it, mentioning that she's been giving it some thought for a while now. With the winning entry being displayed nation wide, she wants to do her best to win.

Or so she thought.

Later, Yue collapses among scraps of paper with no ideas worth pursuing. She has no inspiration and she can't rely on an old entry, nobody would admire old artwork. Her dad comes along to ask how its going and immediately he's filled with nostalgia as he recalls drawing similar things when he was younger. He shows her some of his old work and asks for her opinion. She isn't very impressed though, clearly he lacks her skill; but she spots one image that stands out to her. One depicting a truck that ran into a pole with alarmed onlookers. A picture like this would make a strong impact, so she decides to base her entry around it.

Upon day of submission everyone is amazed with Yue's work. She expected this result as everyone admires her bold entry, she's sure she will win. She observes her addition to the picture, a girl laying on the ground in front of the truck. Just then a teacher calls Yue to speak with her and brings up how she and a few others have been concerned over the picture. Yue explains that the girl was the focal point, and it's not that graphic to look at, she doesn't understand. Her teacher remains displeased by the art teacher loves the entry. Yue took a realistic approach with her entry and that makes it different from the others. Yue is happy to have someone understand her decision, and by now she's come to believe that the judging panel will be overwhelmed with her masterpiece. In fact, she wants to make it look even better, so she decides to redraw it.

A typical Mary-Sue artist would never get this attention, if she wants to become famous she has to be willing to get a little controversial sometimes.

While her upgraded artwork gets more attention, Yue still isn't fully satisfied with it and decides to keep working. She will keep improving it until she can't any longer. One night her dad approaches her to ask how her entry is coming along, but Yue doesn't want to confess that she based it on his old drawing, so they quietly eat dinner. She attempts to convince herself that by now the drawing has become her own creation.

The next day Yue rushes to school and recalls that tomorrow was the day of competition. However, as she stops to look at her poster she sees something was changed, something she didn't do. There is now blood beneath the girl, and while Yue is annoyed that someone tampered with her picture, she can't argue that it doesn't look better. She wonders when this could have happened.

The next day, this same thing happens- but this time her picture kind of looks scary and everyone is becoming disturbed. Yue is confused because the last time she checked, there was only a little blood on her picture and nobody minded that. But seeing Takao express concern, she worriedly looks to see the girl has a face that she doesn't recall drawing, but she isn't able to linger on it very long when their Teacher calls for everyone to head inside for class. She finds herself too distracted to think about anything else however, and she decides that in order to save her entry she must hurry up and redraw it again.

After class Yue rushes to the picture, preparing to fix it. But once again it's been modified, and for some, strange reason, it looks like the picture is moving. She drops her supplies in disbelief as her friends approach, concerned by her inability to be satisfied yet. They know she likes drawing but worry she might be getting too out of control in her striving of perfection. It's then one girl seems to recognize the location, it's a traffic signal near their school. They ask Yue if she is correct and she confirms that she is, and she observes it more closely to realize they are indeed right. She never gave it much thought before.

Yue rushes to the girls restroom and gives her dad a call at work to ask about it. He's surprised because she usually doesn't call him during school, and he begins to recall the picture as she describes it to him. A girl was hit by a truck that ran into a pole near her school, Yue is very confused though, the girl wasn't in his picture. He explains how he was also working on a project for the traffic safety program. But he had no inspiration, so after witnessing the accident he hurriedly jotted it down in his notepad. He didn't think anything was wrong with it at the time, but after he redrew the scene from memory he realized it would hold bad vibes considering it was a real accident, so he never submitted it.

As Yue wonders what happened to the girl from the accident she runs back to the poster display to see hers. She theorizes the girl she drew may have been the same one from the accident, and she attempts to rip her paper down until she sees the girl start to move; reaching out for her. She turns away in a panic and runs from the hallway, nearly running into her classmates as she runs out of school.

It's not like she cares about this girl, all that matters is saving her entry. She can die.

In her panic, Yue fails to see an oncoming truck.

Bloodied as she lays on the ground, Yue is founded by her friends, Takao, and frightened classmates. She can barely access the critical damage done to herself as she tries to ask them for help, and as everyone screams and tries to get an ambulance, she realizes she's at the very same location in the picture. This dons on Takao and everyone else as they think back to her entry; which has now changed so that the girl looks like her. Yue cries as she realizes that the girl in the picture wasn't of the girl in the accident, but of her this entire time.

At school, some students observe the picture to see it looks different again. Now a ghostly-looking girl is visible behind the victim, and she appears to be smiling.

Yomi's Epilogue[edit | edit source]

As she is putting on the final touches of her picture, Yomi wonders if Yue's fate would have been different if she wasn't working for others praise. She goes on to ask what she should do with her picture, and she notes the surprise from the Readers in seeing it. She's come to believe that taking the high road leads to a happier outcome, while shortcuts may lead to an accident. She asks everyone to be careful. 

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