Period 63: The Tale of Twins
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Volume 16
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The Tale of Twins is the 63rd chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series. It's the first chapter in the 17th volume.


Nana and Nono Ninose couldn't be any different, and Nana has come to resent her twin. So one day, she gets the chance to experience life as Nono- but in the process she slowly begins to realize her life isn't as ideal as she thought it was...

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi lines up a pair of twins and brings up how they look exactly alike. She asks if its hard to tell them apart, then wonders how differently they are on the inside. She suggests they are observed for a little bit.


It's always a sight seeing Nana and Nono Ninose together- but one day, Nana suggests to Nono that they quit. Nono can't understand why she would want to when they have always done this, and she complains, saying that everyone mixes them up. As if to make a point, they are joined by some classmates, who approach Nana thinking she is Nono, bringing up that she will be a starter on the basketball team. Nana bitterly turns away as Nono awkwardly tries correcting them.

Nana expresses hatred she holds for Nono because they're twins. It's then Nono's friends suggest they go to karaoke later, and they go to invite Nana, only to realize she's already walking away. They can't believe the twins are related given how radically different they are.

It's always been this way, everyone prefers Nono in comparison to the loner her. She's very cheerful and bright.

In gym class, Nono effortlessly scores another point for her team. With the class over their Teacher tells everyone who missed to run laps, which includes Nana, who can't play well at all. As she's walking she sees someone pass her and initially assumes she's being ignored until he suddenly turns to speak to her. He asks her if she's tired and Nana claims to be fine, and through narration she expresses admiration of him, as the only person she knows who prefers her over Nono. This soon changes when he requests that she help him, as she's Nono's twin sister. She is devastated as she takes notice of his serious expression, and when he explains that he wants to learn more about her.

At home, the enraged Nana throws her school bag across the room as she recalls always being ignored or the unfavorite of the twins. Not only did she not stand out because of how quiet she was, but she was picked on and people would mockingly ask if they were really twins or not. She proclaims that she hates Nono again and weeps until noticing a magazine fall to the floor. It opens to a page with an Ad that says "how to make your life more like hers" and curiously, Nana picks it up. She is very tempted as she imagines how well liked she would be, having her crush return her feelings, and being good at what she likes.

She wants all of that.

But still unconvinced, Nana gets online to look up the ad to find out people have actually tried it- and because its worked for them, she decides it could work for her too. She goes to the next page, which gives her the instructions on how to achieve it: she must write down their names and birth-dates on a paper, then offer a body part to switch, then it tells her to close the page so nobody sees it. While trying to figure this out, Nana notices some hair in a comb nearby.

The following morning "Nono" is awoken with a start by her mother, unaware that it's actually Nana, who picks up a nearby mirror to note that she looks no different than before. But for some reason, she was called Nono, even though their mom insists she wouldn't mix them up. She looks over to see that Nono looks no different as well, but she is addressed by her name. She is shocked to discover they really have changed.

As she arrives to school, Nana is initially caught off-guard by Nono's friends, who can't tell any difference other than noticing "Nana" isn't there. She recalls what Nono said earlier, in that she wasn't feeling well that morning, so she left without her. Nana is left in awe as her sisters friends bring up going to karaoke once school ends, followed by some more girls who want to join them.

Unfortunately, Nana realizes that while she and Nono have switched identities, she hasn't obtained her sisters skills. She does poorly during gym class, but the other girls assure her its fine because it makes her seem more "human" to them and they feel relieved knowing they're not the only ones to mess up sometimes. Nana is very happy to have Nono's accepting friends, and she recalls how different things were back in her old life.

Suddenly, Nono arrives to find everyone surrounding Nana, but nobody is paying her attention; not even Takatsuki. For a moment Nana seems to feel remorse and she apologizes to Nono, but she quickly changes her mind.

From now on she will be Nono Ninose.

Nana is surprised as she gets to know Nono's friends, having never realized that she could be as cheery and bright as her twin. But she is Nono now, and Nono was always like that.

Later, Nana arrives to the Basketball Club room to find a girl in tears over the mean words someone wrote all over her shoes. She is very concerned for the girl but Nono's friends suggest they leave her be, then they express concern noticing she quit smiling, which is so unlike her. Realizing they might see through her trick, she quickly pastes on a smile and decides Yoshihara probably messed up anyway, so it's okay. She then claims to have forgotten something and heads back to class.

Nana frowns as she thinks about Nono and her overwhelming smile. It's become tiring having to always act so happy like that. It's then Takatsuki calls her, much to her surprise. As she prepares to answer she anxiously wonders if he could possibly be confessing to Nono -correcting herself by saying she is Nono again- and he brings up their previous discussion. He asks her to stop bullying, which causes Nana confusion as he explains how she and her friends harass the less-important members of the club. The Teachers and other students turn a blind eye to it but he's had enough, as the captain of the boy's team he won't stay quiet about it. Nana is shocked and asks what he is speaking about, and he yells at her to stop ignoring it.

Nana tries to clarify that she isn't a bully, then out of alarm she throws her sisters phone down as he begins to warn her that someone might seek revenge sooner or later. She then bumps into her sisters desk, causing a threatening note to fall out of it, much to her alarm. She can't understand who could have put the note in the desk without her knowing, and suddenly, she finds Yoshihara standing near her, coldly wielding a bladed object. Nana desperately cries out that she isn't Nono.

Nono comes into the classroom and she sits down with a magazine. She opens it to reveal that because she is Nana's twin, she came up with the same idea, so from now on she will live Nana's life, and she can enjoy it peacefully. 

Nana's bloodied corpse is shown laying on the classroom floor, with the switching paper and Nono's cellphone.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi and Yomio observe the twins near them and discuss the story, then Yomi suggests that before wishing for another persons life, the Reader should really take the time to see what its like.




  • This is the second story for feature a Protagonist trying a product they found in an Ad. 


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