Period 6: Graduate Number 108
Zekkyou gakkyuu 6
Period 6
Volume 2
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Graduate Number 108 is the sixth chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 3rd chapter in volume 2.


Soon Rina and her friends will be graduating from elementary school. But oddly, she begins to see a strange shadow in various pictures of her and believes it to be the work of the ghost of Reiko- a girl who vanished a year ago.

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi stands along a bunch of blooming sakura flowers and holds one. She brings up how graduation is nearing and asks the readers what kind of wonderful memories they created with their friends.


107 students are graduating this spring, including the class representative Rina, who is being complimented by her friends for the speech she gave. After heading back inside she mentions being part of the production staff for the photo album and suggests they look at it when one of her friends goes on to admit to being envious of Rina. Not only is she talented academically, but she's also well-liked and really cute. Rina responds with amusement while they admire the various pictures and continue showering her with compliments, but Rina insists that everything they did was a group effort, not just her. She remarks on how nostalgic she feels observing the pictures, and she thinks about the possibility that they might be forced to split up when they enter Middle School. She deeply cherishes these memories.

It's then Rina spots a strange shadow behind her in a sports meet picture. Her friends express concern while wondering if it could be a last-second prank someone pulled, but as everyone is visible in the picture that doesn't make sense. One of her friends -Miyu- asks if a ghost could be responsible, causing the others to worry until Rina abruptly tells them to stop, suggesting that it might have had to do with how the picture was taken. With Miyu, she heads to the photography Teacher to ask him about it, just to see a couple leaving his room. Rina is surprised to find out its Mr. and Mrs. Kaginuma, the parents of a girl who vanished the prior year. Because this would have been her graduation they were invited to come by for some condolence.

After a moment, Rina recalls that Reiko was a former classmate of hers and Miyu momentarily gushes over Reiko, recalling how pretty she was and how she stood out. But after she sees how annoyed Rina looks, she quickly claims that Reiko was also weird. Whenever Rina approached her to try to talk she would ignored her, and she never had friends. Rina chastises Miyu for being so tactless before expressing her concerns over the photo, but when she tries showing it to the Teacher she sees it's changed shape- now it has an arm around her.

Miyu can barely keep up with Rina as she runs back into the classroom in a panic. She tries to inform the other girls of what happened while Rina tries to determine what the next image will show, only to see her friends returning to the album, where they find more pictures and the strange shadow appearing in them. Rina becomes aggravated and snaps at them -much to their alarm- and demands an explanation, and to her shock, she sees a picture of the school incinerator. Seeing Reiko form in the image, the girls recognize her summer dress and note that it was taken before she vanished, and as they start to see a girl resembling Rina in the picture, Rina quickly swoops in to shut the album. She smiles an insists its probably just a prank, and while she doesn't know who is responsible for it, they shouldn't worry. They should look forward to graduation and the party she will be holding back at home.

Miyu expresses concern as she notices how tense Rina has become, and she asks if the other girl in the picture was her. Rina angrily berates her and frightens the group before storming off, frantic while trying to determine who could have gotten a picture of them that day. She starts recalling what happened.

That summer, Rina approaches Reiko while she was standing by the incinerator in observation. She once again tried to convince her to join her group of friends so that she wouldn't be lonely and Reiko rejected. She prefers to be on her own, and she didn't want to suck up to someone to fit in. Rina was curious with this explanation, and Reiko bluntly states that Rina only liked people who suck up to her to make her feel better about herself, and how she purposely does everything to remain in the spotlight; such as insisting she should be the lead in their school play, and how she claimed it was because of her solo that their choir won. Everyone is afraid of Rina and can't bring themselves to say anything because she bullies them- so its not her that should be pitied, but Rina. Reiko was about to leave when an infuriated Rina grabbed her and shoved her to the ground with enough force that she collided with a rock behind her, spraying blood on the ground. Rina was horrified of what she had done, and with no other choice, she grabbed Reiko's unconscious body and threw it into the incinerator. Then she ran away.

Reiko deserves it, Rina attempted to justify, and she doesn't feel guilty. She treating her so poorly and she had no right to turn her down, with Rina accusingly suggesting Reiko felt superior to her because she was pretty. But it doesn't matter now because she got rid of her. In Middle School everyone will continue to love her and give her the attention she deserves; but for now she must get rid of Reiko and any lingering evidence.

Rina heads out to the incinerator with the album and she prepares to throw it in, only to stop to take a final look at it out of curiousity. She is horrified to find a charred spirit with long hair starting to crawl out from it, then she throws it in and attempts to leave, just to find the spirit staring at her. It congratulates Rina for graduating.

As the class is beginning to take a final group photo, the Teacher suggests they take it by the school entrance when he notices the incinerator is burning. This is strange, it wasn't supposed to be on today.

Within the ash is the burning remnants of the photo album Rina threw in; including a picure of her burning to nothing.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Holding an album, Yomi tells the readers that they may be resented by someone else if they can say they had no regrets or made no mistakes. She tells them to watch out and how she looks forward to their next lesson.





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