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Period 6: Graduate Number 108
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Period 6
Volume 2
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Graduate Number 108 is the sixth chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 3rd chapter in volume 2.


Soon Rina and her friends will be graduating from elementary school. But oddly, she begins to see a strange shadow in various pictures of her and believes it to be the work of the ghost of Reiko- a girl who vanished a year ago.

Yomi's Introduction[]

Yomi stands along a bunch of blooming sakura flowers and holds one. She brings up how graduation is nearing and asks the readers what kind of wonderful memories they created with their friends.


107 students are graduating this spring, including the class representative Rina, who is showered with praise by friends regarding her speech. Heading back inside she mentions being part of the production staff for the photo album and suggests they look at it when one friend goes on to admit to being envious of her. Not only is she talented academically, but she's also well-liked and really cute. Rina responds with amusement while they admire the various pictures and continue complimenting her. Rina insists that everything they did was a group effort, and she feels nostalgic as she considers the possibility that they might be forced to split up when they enter Middle School. She deeply cherishes these memories.

In a sports meet picture Rina observes a strange shadow she doesn't recognize. Her friends are concerned as they wonder if someone played a prank, but everyone is visible so that doesn't seem right. One friend -Miyu- asks if a ghost could be responsible, causing the others to worry until Rina abruptly tells them to stop, suggesting that it might have had to do with how the picture was taken.

With Miyu, she heads to the photography Teacher to ask him about it. They arrive as a couple leave the room. Mr. and Mrs. Kaginuma were invited for condolences as their daughter vanished the prior year, a former classmate of the girls. Miyu begins to gush over Reiko -annoying Rina in the process- and recalls how she had no friends. She always turned down Rina's hand in friendship. Rina chooses to let this slide and she gently chastises Miyu for being so tactless before expressing her concerns over the photo, but when she tries showing it to the Teacher she sees it's changed shape. Now the shadow has an arm around her.

Rina runs back to the classroom while frantically trying to make sense of what is going on. Miyu catches the others up as to what happened, and when they check the album again they see the shadow appear in more pictures. Rina becomes aggravated and snaps at them, until she sees a picture of the school incinerator. Reiko begins to materialize and the girls recognize her summer dress, realizing this was probably taken before she vanished. As a girl resembling Rina beings to appear, Rina quickly swoops in to shut the album. She smiles and insists it has to be a prank, then suggests they not worry. They should look forward to graduation and the party she will be holding at home. Miyu expresses concern as she notices how tense Rina has become, and she asks if the other girl in the picture was her. Rina berates her before storming off, leaving her frightened friends behind.

Who could have gotten a picture of that day?

That summer, Rina approached Reiko to invite her to join her group once again. She was standing by the incinerator in observation at the time, and she once again turned her own. She prefers being on her own and doesn't want to have to suck-up to someone else to fit in. When Rina expressed confusion, Reiko bluntly told her that Rina only likes people who make her feel better about herself. She purposely does everything to get attention, such as insisting she lead their school play, and how she took sole responsibility for winning their choir performance with her solo. Everyone is afraid of Rina and can't bring themselves to say anything because she bullies them. It's not her who deserves pity, but Rina.

Reiko prepares to leave, but blinded by rage Rina shoves her back. She falls and her head collides with a rock, blood spraying on the ground. Rina was horrified and began to panic, until she saw the incinerator nearby. She lifted Reiko's body and threw it inside.

Reiko deserved it. She turned her down and treated her poorly when she had no right. Rina accusingly suggests that she did this due to feeling superior to her because she was pretty. But it doesn't matter, because she got rid of her. In Middle School everyone will continue to love her and give her the attention she craves. But for now she must dispose of the evidence.

At the incinerator, Rina is about to throw the album when curiosity gets the better of her. She stops to look through it again, just to see a horrifying charred being with long hair starting to crawl out from it in the picture. She throws the album into the flames and turns to leave, finding herself face-to-face with the burned person.

She has come to congratulate Rina for graduating.

Everyone is now outside to take one last class photo. The Teacher suggests they head to the entrance when he sees smoke coming from the incinerator, something he finds to be odd since it wasn't supposed to be on today.

Within the ash is the burning remnants of the photo album Rina threw in; including a picture of her burning to nothing.

Yomi's Epilogue[]

Holding an album, Yomi tells the readers that they may be resented by someone else if they can say they had no regrets or made no mistakes. She tells them to watch out and how she looks forward to their next lesson.





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