Period 9: Kasako-San is Coming
Zekkyou gakkyuu 9
Period 9
Volume 3
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Kasako-San Is Coming is the ninth chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 1st chapter in the volume 3 manga.


Miharu and Youko are the evenly matched sports superstars of their school. But during a particularly stressful time they are approached by the spirit Kasako-san, who gives them four days to find her missing umbrella or suffer the consequences. But what happens to friends who have a lot riding on their shoulders?

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

While admiring the rainy weather, Yomi greets everyone and recalls hearing the story of "that girl". She asks if they know the story a well.


Stuck inside during P.E. due to the rainy weather, a group of girls discuss someone named Kasako-san. One girl initially assumes this is a rip-off from Hanako-san, but the girl who brought them up claims its different because this is a story special to their district. It's said that if you go home alone on a rainy day you risk running into Kasako-san, a girl holding a red umbrella. Or so you think, it's actually her bloodied, severed arm. She will ask you to find her real umbrella, and should you refuse or fail, she will rip off your own and kill you.

Suddenly, Youko and Miharu startle the group and Miharu chastises their lack of doing anything. Soon the rainy season will pass and they will need to get ready for the sports meet that will follow it. The girls are impressed with Miharu and Youko's serious attitudes towards sports -even at a time like this- and as they are chatting, Miharu thinks about her friendship with Youko and how they met back in fourth grade. They are close friends and rivals, due to being the sports stars of their school. But no matter what they compete in neither of them win because they always tie. 

Arriving home, Miharu sits down to dinner and discusses her day, bringing up that she did very well in class and a teacher praised her- but her parents could care less. They focus on the sports meet that is coming up and her mother tells her to make sure she beats Youko this time, while her dad bluntly tells her to work harder because second place means nothing. Miharu sadly agrees after realizing how pointless it is to argue against them.

The following day, Miharu is depressed seeing as its still raining, meaning she can't fully train as much as she would like and by now she isn't convinced she can win. Youko arrives to snap her out of her thoughts when they spot a strange figure approaches them from the distance. The girls are shocked realizing it's Kasako-san, and just like the story they overheard, she tells them to find her umbrella. 

The panicked friends tell their classmates what happened after rushing to school, and initially they assume its only a joke until the girls show they were grabbed by her before she left. After revealing she gave them four days to locate her umbrella, an anxious girl suddenly confesses that she has an idea, and she brings everyone to a computer to look up information about Kasako. They discover an article about her death in 1999, when she was hit by a truck one rainy day. It's theorized that she was looking for her umbrella that a group of bullies stole from her and hid, which was a common occurance for her.

With a little more research everyone manages to narrow down some possible locations the umbrella could have been put. Everyone also offers to help the girls -including some unsure classmates- much to their relief. However, days have passed and nobody has been able to locate Kasako's umbrella. The day before the deadline, the girls are distressed when only the girl from before shows up to help them, informing the duo that everyone use bailed due to club activities. Miharu is appalled that they would abandon them like this but they quickly resume their search, with Youko taking a moment to comfort her noticing her anxiety. She asks Miharu what she would like to do after they are saved from Kasako-san, with Miharu barely keeping herself together as she tells her of her desire to have everything return to normal again. She wants them to be able to focus on their upcoming sports meet and win, with Youko agreeing. Youko goes on to say that because of these feelings they need to focus on beating Kasako-san, which surprises Miharu since she isn't worrying about her own life like she has been this entire time. She thinks about how much she has always admired her friend and agrees before they resume searching.

Unfortunately they couldn't find the umbrella, and soon the fourth day arrives. As Miharu prepares to leave home her parents inform her that they will be showing up for practice on Sunday. She is confused until they explain how they managed to book the city's stadium, as the rain can't stop her from training entirely there. As they express support for her and tell her to do her best, Miharu can only think about the possibility that she won't be returning home.

Meeting up with Youko, the girls observe the rainy weather and notice the time; Kasako-san will be coming soon. Youko confesses that she had planned on telling her parents about this incident, but because they were so focused on the sports meet they didn't seem to care about anything else. Miharu is surprised knowing her parents are the same as hers, and they recall how they first met back in fourth grade when they had been chosen to run against each other for the 50m. They were surprised to have gotten the same exact time and set the school record, and this led the girls to introduced themselves to each other and became good friends.

As they recall spending every day together since, both girls begin to cry. They wish things would return to how they were in the past, when sports weren't the only thing they had to focus on, and how they actually enjoyed them without the pressure of their parents.

During their lament, Miharu suddenly spots the red umbrella in a nearby piles of trash some men are picking up. They run over and ask about it and as the men explain picking up school garbage, they begin scolding the girls as they try to find the umbrella once more. The girls ignore them and the men take off, just as Miharu spots it in another trash bin nearby. She pulls herself out of a pile of garbage and checks it to realize it really does belong to Kasako-san after finding her name written on its handle. She calls out to Youko to inform her of the grea news; but just then, she realizes that if she doesn't share the umbrella with Youko, she will vanish. If that happens, then her parents will have to quit pressuring her.

Miharu attempts to hide the umbrella, unaware of Youko standing nearby and coldly call her out on this deception. She snatches away the umbrella and reacts with mild amusement, pointing out that they really are alike. She recently began to consider doing the same thing should she have found the umbrella first; because they both have stressful parents, and they don't enjoy sports like before. If they want to escape from this its their only solution.

Miharu is shocked that Youko would react this way as she thinks back to the other day, when she came to the decision to consider abandoning Youko. She was in the locker room bandaging her sore feet when she overheard some girls chatting about the upcoming meet and who would most-likely win. They were sure it would be Youko, and with Kasako-san after them, they note that there will soon only be one Sports Star at the school.

Hearing Kasako-san approaching, the girls physically fight each other to keep the umbrella in their grasp upon realizing neither of them is willing to share it now. But in the process the umbrella falls over the nearby railing and on the lower level ground. They run after it and Miharu cruelly shoves Youko down to grab it for herself.

Since that day it has been one year.

One morning Miharu is preparing to leave for school and she happily overlooks the trophy she won from the sports meet. Her parents compliment her efforts and she takes off. But in the process of heading to school she thinks back to that day, when she grabbed the umbrella. Seconds later she turned to find both Youko and Kasako-san were gone.

It's then Miharu notices that it's started to rain- something sudden that she wasn't informed of. She is confused as she hears a familiar, blood-chilling hiss and to her alarm, she turns around not to find Kasako-san, but Youko. Bloodied and with her arm severed, Youko asks Miharu for the umbrella.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

With her umbrella protecting her from the rain, Yomi mentions how things would have turned out if the girls had just thought about saving each other rather than themselves. But any human is likely to turn into a demon when put in a similar situation. She tells the reader to tread carefully if this moment should happen to them.





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