Gender Female
Appearance Period 13: Shii-Chan's Diary
Fate Alive
Rie is a character of the 13th Chapter of the series and in the first chapter of the 4th manga. She is friends with Yosshi and Tomoe Miura.

Bio Edit


Rie has short hair pulled into a low side-tail on the right of her head. Her bangs are brushed mostly to the right from the left corner. Her eyes are slightly curved. Her attire implies she dresses casual or tomboyish, normally wearing basic tops and pants.


Rie is an outgoing and spirited girl who is easily excited. She is shown to be affectionate with those she cares for.

History Edit

While cleaning the room after class Rie chats with her debate partner Yosshi over how it went until Tomoe comes across an old, dusty book. She recognizes it, having seen a post about it on one of the message boards around the school. It was used as a diary exchange and it's rumored that there is another person who writes in it besides the ones exchanging it. It's hard to believe, but there are people claiming it's true. She excitedly agrees with Tomoe after she suggests they try it out.

The following day Rie was further enticed to keep using the book after they realized that the diary was capable of predicting future events, such as a pop quiz in math. She began to bond with Tomoe, who equally enjoyed using the diary, unaware of how isolated and upset Yosshi was becoming. She resumes spending time with her during debate though, and returns to the diary later to find an entry regarding Tomoe being hurt during P.E. class.

When this event comes true, Tomoe theorizes it was Yosshi who wrote it and Rie confronts her after she shows up to ask for it. Yosshi denies having any knowledge of the incident but after she admits to be a bit jealous lately, Rie leaves with Tomoe after telling her off.

Rie appears at the end of the story when she witnesses Yosshi chasing after Tomoe, and they cry out in terror when she slips down the stairs and bleeds to death.




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