Rock Statue
Gender N/A
Appearance Period 20: Best Friend
The Rock Statue is the Antagonist in the 20th period of the series and in the fourth chapter of the 5th manga.

Bio Edit


A small and crudely made statue that has the appearance of melting or several rough edges. A simple face is etched on it to form a smile. It also has arms when necessary and is shown to grow in size. 


The statue appears to possesses no personality but is embodied by an unknown source. It had an obsession with Miho due to feeling the same loneliness as her. After she started to ignore it in favor of her new friends it got hostile.

History Edit

Miho is shown approaching the statue after school and greets it like usual. Due to her loneliness she has taken to it for support and comfort. Others find it strange and while she knows its unusual it makes her feel better. Before going, she wishes she had at least one friend.

Over the course of the chapter Miho began getting letters from some unknown force. They would ask how she was, and how it was lonely like her, and it began to make her feel better having someone to talk to. However, nobody new the identity of the mysterious sender; with people being unable to see it, Miho assuming it was an old elementary friend, and one student thinking she made it up.

However, when Miho began to make friends she started ignoring the letters, planning on replying to them later but then forgetting. Then one day she finds out her mysterious letter writer will be visiting her the next day, and when she arrives to school she finds nobody in class but she sees someone wrote her name all over her desk. She hears noise and checks to find nobody, other than the statue suddenly next to her. With enough force it throws her down to the ground and in a panic Miho realizes the letter writer is the statue, causing her to throw a book at it as she tries to escape the room.

The statue grows in size and hurls itself at her, causing her to fall down as it lays on her back. She calls for help while it repeatedly smashes her back, spraying blood and repeating her name until she passes out.

Later the same day, Miho's friends walk by the statue while discussing their plans to pay her a visit since she stayed home from school. But they stop to look at the statue to see it looks very happy with its new friend.




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