Sari Umezawa
Gender female
Appearance Period 41: The Erasing Blackboard
Fate Erased from the World
Sari Umezawa is a character from  Period 41. She is the childhood friend of Isaka Yoshito.

Bio Edit


Sari has a boyish appearance with very short, ear-length light-colored hair and thick layered bangs with few loose strands. Her eyes are big and rounded with thick lashes. Her attire is simple and sporty.


Sari is shown to be a friendly and spirited tomboy who popular with both genders. She enjoys playing basketball with Isaka and is very close to him, implied to harbor feelings for him that he does reciprocate. She is shy when given positive attention.


As Kaori observed the basketball game going on outside she became depressed when Sari joined in, with the guys cheering her on. Kaori wasn't envious of Sari, but she felt worsened seeing how much fun they appeared to have and wished she could be as close to Isaka.

Sari reappears after Kaori began to improve things around school, and due to keeping it anonymous, she could only watch with disdain when everyone suddenly began to shower Sari with attention, believing she was to thank for it all due to previous speaking to Kurohane, a bully who had recently turned good. Out of spite Kaori rushed back to the classroom and attempted to write Sari's name- but at the last second she stopped herself, shocked by what she nearly did until overhearing Isaka and Sari walk by. In the hallway, Sari asked Isaka about their feelings for one another and shyly confessed to liking him; and because of his behavior, it was implied he felt the same. Angered by their bond, Kaori erased her from existance.

When class resumed, everyone began to panic realizing Sari had gone missing. It was unlike her, and she wouldn't have left without saying anything. Due to her hatred for the girl, Kaori remained silent and felt no guilt, believing she deserved it for "taking away her attention" and standing beside Isaka. She attempted to take advantage of this by getting closer to Isaka, but he was only shown to think about Sari. Kaori was displeased when other students began to lament her sudden disappearance, wishing she would return.

Suspicious of her, Isaka later discovered it was Kaori's doing and yelled at her.




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