Shun Kurosawa
Gender Male
Appearance Period 29: The Requirements Of A Belle
Fate Alive
Shun Kurosawa is a character in the 29th Period of the series and in the first chapter of the 8th manga.

Bio Edit


Shun is a young man with black, slightly messy hair and dark colored eyes. He is only shown in school uniform.


Shun is cool and calm and appears to keep to himself. He remains quiet when it comes to Yuri Shirakura, who others assume he has feelings for. He is said to like girls who are skinny, but it is actually out of his desire to protect them, rather then basing it off of appearance. He is very kind and often shows concern when others become ill or don't look well.

History Edit

Shun appears while the class overlook some pictures they recently took prior to leaving for winter break. His friend teases him when he finds a good picture of Yuri, causing her and her friends to notice him and begin to chat for a moment. After Atsuko returned to school and revealed her new appearance, Shun compliments her, unknowingly starting Yuri's struggles to obtain an even skinnier self.

He returns later after Yuri takes a while off from school and finds her looking sickly. She claims it isn't anything as he offers to listen if she ever does need to talk and warns her to be careful to avoid overdoing anything. This leads Yuri to wonder if perhaps she was wrong about Shun, thinking he only cared about a girls appearance. But during P.E. she watches when he offers to take Atsuko to the nurses office when she suddenly passes out, causing her to believe he didn't mean it and storming off. 

At the end of the chapter, he is shown again and it is revealed that he and Yuri hooked up after her procedure.




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