The Cleaning Man
Cleaning man
Gender Male
Appearance Period 51: The Cleaning Man
Fate N/A
The Cleaning Man is a character from Period 51. He is known for coming to dirty places in town and leaving them spotless, but nobody has ever seen him before.

Bio Edit


The Cleaning Man has no physically shown features of his face shown. The only thing clearly visible is his clothing.


Nothing is known about the Cleaning Man, nor why he cleans up like he does. But he is shown to observe those who are unclean or lazy, and he can be vengeful in that if they were to take advantage of him, he will make the person pay.

History Edit

He's first mentioned by a pair of women who wish he would return to the park to clean it up again after they speak to Ami and her friends. Later, Ami sees him cleaning the park but as its too dark out, she couldn't tell who he was.

Later, he has also cleaned the courtyard of its leaves that Ami was supposed to sweep up, the school restroom, he even disposed of the tomato plant Ami didn't want to bring home. Seeing this, she decides to take advantage of the situation by bringing him other items she doesn't want or needs to get rid of, like her bad test, garbage from her bedroom, the key-chain her friend gave her, and Piiko's corpse when she's unsure of what to do with it. He was watching Ami and unhappy with this, he takes everything and throws it on her desk that evening, leaving Ami and her classmates to discover the mess the next day.

After Ami confronts him, the Cleaning Man says nothing until she grabs his shoulder. He turns and she is covered in flies seemingly appearing from him, until he gets a chance to throw her into a garbage bag. He is later shown walking by her mother while heading to a garbage disposal facility.




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