The Girl Under The Bed
Gender Female
Appearance Period 16: The Girl Under The Bed
Fate Deceased
The Girl Under The Bed is an antagonistic ghost of the 16th Chapter of the series and in the fourth chapter of the 4th manga. She was a girl who comitted suicide after her friend stole her boyfriend away from her.

Bio Edit


Before death, she was shown to have very long, black partially curled hair and wore a simple dress. After, she is shown to have very messy and longer hair, black nails, and a demonic face.


History Edit

Her story was told by the girls while hanging out in Maria's room. It was said that she had been so hurt and betrayed over her friend stealing her boyfriend from her and then being abandoned by them that she comitted suicide on her bed. Now she stalks the beds of girls in search of them and kills anyone deemed a "traitor".

She first physically appears late in the story, when Yukina was hiding beneath Maria's bed and waited for her so that she could scare her. She was horrified when it wasn't Maria or her mother who stepped into the room though, and she got close to the bed and on top of it- but the second that Maria arrived home, she vanished, making Yukina believed she simply hallucinated the whole thing. She ran for home afterwards, where she sat on her bed and panicked trying to make sense of this. It was then she heard creaking sounds and checked under her bed, but she found nothing and calmed down. She sat up when her mother suddenly called her for dinner, and the second that Yukina got up- she was shocked to find a knife suddenly come down and slice apart her stuffed toy. The Girl Under The Bed had been there, saying that she found the traitor she searched for.




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