The Money Tree
Gender N/A
Appearance Period 19: The Money Tree
Fate Alive
The Money Tree is the Antagonist in the 19th period of the series and in the third chapter of the 5th manga. It starts out tiny and grows the more nutrients it gains. It also appears to be its own species.

Bio Edit


The money tree is a small potted bonsai reminiscent of an old, withered tree. On it is an etched face. Dollar bills sprout from the tips of its branches. Over the story it is shown growing into a full and healthy tree.


As a plant the tree doesn't have the capabilities to speak. However it does appear to emote, coming off as empathetic initially, before revealing its true nature.

History Edit

The tree was revealed to have been owned by Julie, kept in a vault within the family home. It later showed up at Akane's, which had been found by her when Julie suddenly called to ask if she had seen it. Akane decided to hang onto the tree, realizing she could use it for a short while before returning it. After being caught spending its money she revealed it to her parents, and with no option she decides to just keep spending.

The following day Akane decides to check on the tree after she disposes of her old coin bank, saying it's not necessary to use any longer. In this time she spots Julie's hair tie and sees the now pot-less plant. She assumes it's her fathers doing and takes off.

That night as Akane worries over her missing father she observes the tree and she is joined by her mother. But after revealing her greed got the better of her, she is horrified finding her mother has now vanished as well. Her grief intensifies as her greedy relatives decide to move in for the sake of getting their hands on the trees money, and in this time she realizes just what her mother had been saying. She begins to cry and beg to see her parents again, saying she wouldn't want money if they weren't around- and suddenly the roots of the tree spring to life as its face distorts into a creepy smile. She soon realizes what has been happening, but with nobody to hear her, her cries are muffled and she's held underground by the roots.

A few years pass and the tree is shown to have grown to the size of a large, full-grown tree. A young boy of a family just moving in happens to spot the money from it and he goes to show his parents. Several corpse are shown held down by its roots as it continues sucking nutrients from them. 




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