Toilet Goddess
Gender Female
Appearance Period 33: The Toilet Goddess
Fate Deceased
Toilet Goddess is an Antagonistic spirit that appears in the 33rd Period of the series. She was a victim of the original Toilet Goddess.

Bio Edit


She was an average girl with long black hair. After pulling herself out of the toilet she is shown having much longer, tangled hair and appeared dirty or bruised.


She was described as a frequent victim of bullying due to being so plain. She was very lonely.

History Edit

The rumor of the toilet Goddess involved her, saying that she had been a girl frequently bullied. So every day she would take shelter in the bathroom stall and clean the toilet. Then one day she mysteriously vanished, and returned as a beautiful girl. Her bullying suddenly stopped; but she seemed so different that it was as if she was someone else.

She appears in person at the end of the story when Suzu Oono realized she must have been the cause for Rena's disappearance. She scrubbed the toilet very hard until a hand suddenly appeared, and to her shock, the current Goddess appeared, pulling herself out from it. She took a moment to observe Suzu and proceeded to shove her into the toilet to take her place.




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