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Tomoe Miura
Gender Female
Appearance Period 13: Shii-Chan's Diary
Fate Deceased - Head Injury

Tomoe Miura is the protagonist of the 13th Chapter of the series and in the first chapter of the 4th manga. She is friends with Rie and Yosshi.



Tomoe has short, thin dark-colored hair that covers her ears with thick choppy bangs. Her style is casual and plain, and she often wears the same sleeveless hoodie or vest over it.


Initially Tomoe appears repressed and withdrawn over being the third wheel to her friends. She knows it can't be helped but she still dislikes it, and eventually becomes so wrapped up in her bitter resentment that she eventually resorts to sabotaging their friendship with no guilt or shame. Mentally she is shown to be selfish and briskly manipulative, but at the first sign of danger she becomes anxious and cowardly.


Tomoe is always tired of being the third wheel between her two best friends, so she suggests they use the diary she accidentally stumbles upon as an exchange. Hearing the rumor of a mysterious person adding their own entries, she hopes she will feel less-lonely. However, she fails to write her own entry as she fell asleep in the middle of it. But the girls find an entry neither of them wrote, about a pop quiz they will be having. When it happens in class they realize it must predict the future.

After school, she quickly becomes closer with Rie, who excitedly invites both girls back to her place to read more entries. They fail to notice how lonely and uninterested Yosshi is though, and when she proceeds to ignore her Tomoe becomes confused. The next day she sadly goes on to realize that Shii-chan isn't really a person, so she isn't any less lonely. On top of that Yosshi has become quiet and brisk around her, and she finds a disturbing entry saying she will get hurt during P.E. class. Tomoe notices something is wrong with the hand writing but with nothing to go on, she attends class and gets hurt, just like it said she would. She gets taken to the nurse and confides in Rie her concerns that Yosshi may have written this entry, but Rie seems unsure until Yosshi arrives soon after this. They confront her and she denies having done anything wrong, but when she brings up feeling jealous of their closeness, Tomoe yells at her and storms off with Rie.

Tomoe goes on to reveal that her plan worked. She set Yosshi up to cause a rift between the girls, and she purposely hurt herself to match the entry she wrote, copying Yosshi's handwriting.

The next day Tomoe is in a higher spirit now that she isn't the third-wheel. But while waiting for Rie, she expresses surprise to discover Yosshi still has Shii-chan, even though their diary exchange isn't necessary anymore. She decides to check it out anyway to pass some time, but soon she sees several concerning entries, all of which were dated from the past. Frightened by the last entry, she decides to stop reading Shii-chan and puts the diary down, only to see some papers fall to the floor. She picks them up and becomes anxious after fining a graphic image of her suffering a head injury. She tears the pages up until Yosshi appears, startling her. She notices something behind her back and runs away in hopes of getting to safety. Yosshi follows her as she runs towards a set of stairs, but in her hurry her injury causes her to fall. She smashes her head open against something and slowly dies from blood loss as the girls watch in horror.



  • She shares similarities with Riri Itou.
    • Both of their 'lessons' involved a special book of some type.
    • Both girls have short, dark colored hair.
    • They both have two friends, and over the story their friendships suffer.
    • Both girls are willing to sacrifice said friendships, but outwardly come off as friendly and meek.
    • Both girls are involved with injuries that dealt with stairs. While Tomoe was killed from falling down stairs, Riri pushed her friends down them.
    • Both suffered bloody deaths.