Unnamed Loner
Gender Male
Appearance Period 30: Last White Day
Fate Deceased - Suicide
The Unnamed Loner was a student from class 3 who appears in the 30th Period of the series and in the second chapter of the 8th manga. He had an obsession with Sakura Moeno and attempted to get to know her before mysteriously vanishing.

Bio Edit


A tall, average looking young man with eyes often hidden behind a pair of glasses and spiked, somewhat messy hair with a few locks sticking out in various places.


The unnamed loner keeps to himself and is fairly quiet unless intrigued by something or someone. He is obsessively admirative of Sakura and he reveals knowing a lot of things about her that most people wouldn't- to the point of creeping her out. He is regarded as a weird guy and hearing Sakura reject his attention and mock him caused him grief.

History Edit

The unnamed Loner is not brought up until late in the story, when Kamiya recalls overhearing a student from Class 3 planning on making Sakura a bunch of treats for the Holiday and how he had vanished afterwards. She recalled meeting him for the first time a while prior, when she took pity on him and gave a cheap chocolate candy. This greatly surprised him but encouraged him to speak to her, and he professed that he really liked her- to the point that he spent a lot of time learning everything he could about her. But this caused her to become uncomfortable as he attempted to keep her there with him while he spoke, and she brushed him off claiming they could never be together in hopes of getting him to lighten up. He stood in silence while listening to her friends badmouth him, and when Sakura began to make fun of him with them, he was very hurt.

This leads Sakura to realize the cream puffs she received must have been from him and she calls him a worthless guy. However, this ends up damaging her friendship with Kamiya, who believed she was aiming this insult at him, and she later returned home, devastated to find out he didn't return her feelings like she had hoped. While grieving alone in her bedroom, she suddenly heard the loner students voice and discovered it was coming from within her.

He mockingly makes a remark about her rejection before thanking her for eating the cream puffs he put a lot of effort into making; because they can be one now. He reveals that after the incident at school he killed himself while preparing the pastries, ensuring his blood and spirit with be infused with them. He was the one leaving her notes, and this is why she was feeling ill. Sakura attempted to throw up but his clutch over her body wouldn't allow it, and as she tries to contemplate the lengths he was willing to go, she suddenly feels pain and recalls her scissors went missing a few days ago- just as they pierce through her.



  • He is one of the only male antagonist in he series.
  • He is the first male to commit suicide in the series.


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