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Welcome to my user page :3

I came across this series by chance and I took to it really quickly; not only do I like the horror genre, but I love its cute art style

If you have any wiki-related questions or comments, or just wanna chat about the series then feel free to message me.

Favorite PeriodsEdit

  • Bloody Valentine - I had an idea of what was going to happen, but I like yandere characters and the fact that it was the Protagonist made it really fun!
  • Graduate Number 108 - I didn't see this one coming so it was exciting.
  • Shii-chan's Diary
  • Execution Classroom - The first chapter I read so it has some nostalgia for me. An turning on Miyuu made me so upset though. 
  • The Day I Became A Demon 1 & 2
  • Make-Believe Sisters
  • Last White Day
  • At Emily-chan's Home - I felt bad for Yukio's friends but I like the story. I also thought it was funny how there was a Noelle Kurusu, because it's so Chrismassy sounding, and because my best friend's name is Noelle, and Kurusu is very close to Kurisu/Chris.   
  • Marionette's Lover
  • Mei-chan's Text - Lulu is the most cutest thing ever DX I felt so bad for her but I did like the story.
  • Friend of the Science Room - I was dreading this chapter because I'm terrified of skeletons/anatomy models and I didn't know what to expect. But for the wiki I really wanted to read it, and to see if it was any good. I actually really liked it, but again there was remorse for the Protagonist. 
  • True Intention Candy
  • Beloved Plush Toy
  • Capsuled Personality Vending Machine
  • The Tale of Twins - the ending confused me a little, but I love twin characters and the story was exciting. 

Least Favorite PeriodsEdit

  • Abandoned School at Midnight - I'm more into the chapters.... not like this one? I don't know, it just never really clicked with me.
  • The Land of Mirrors - same as above
  • The Girl Under the Bed - I liked the storyline, but I felt so bad for Yukina. She handled her problem the wrong way but I still don't think she deserved to be killed.
  • Miracle Ball - Boring.
  • The Fish Family - I didn't hate it or anything, but it's just not the type of horror I'm into.
  • The Erasing Blackboard - like Yukina, I actually felt really bad for Kaori. She got out of control later in, but...

Favorite CharactersEdit

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