Gender Male
Appearance Period 54: True Intention Candy
Fate Alive
Watanabe is Momo Sakurano's classmate from Period 54. He was the object of both her, and Iwamoto's affections.

Bio Edit


Watanabe is a handsome young man with dark-colored hair and eyes.


While he is shown being popular, Watanabe mainly keeps to himself. He finds it hard to really be open with his feelings unless encouraged, and he really liked Momo. He thought she was cute and was happy to be spending time with her, until he came to believe she wasn't as friendly and sweet as she seemed to be, which caused him concern. 

History Edit

Watanabe first appears in the story after Momo tries out her true-intention candy at school, having worked up the courage to approach him. They made conversation over how they both liked strawberry milk, and hearing that he actually thinks she is very cute, she had a meltdown on the spot and took off when he began to notice she seemed flustered. She later approached him in class, where his thoughts mentioned his intentions to ask if they could walk home together, and after a moment he asked, much to her joy. The following day at school, Momo bragged about their time spent together after some classmates approached her to ask, having seen them walking together. She was initially humble about it until noticing Iwamoto was nearby, in which she laid it on thick to rub salt in the wound- saying they would probably start dating soon, and that they were going to spend Valentines Day together. Later, after Momo panics hearing the true-intentions of some girls who escorted her back to class when she felt ill in P.E. Momo ran into Watanabe, who wished to speak to her about what he heard. After Momo confesses, he begins to worry and admits that he did kind-of like her, but now she's kind of cringy, and because she barely spoke to him during their walk he began to think she was being cold to him. This causes Momo to worriedly grab onto him and yell at him, saying that he liked her. But when Watanabe expresses confusion, Momo realized that he never said that openly, she heard it in his thoughts and now its going to make him think she's creepy. He was then retrieved by a friend, who hurried him away as Momo began to cry. 




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