Gender Female
Appearance Extra Class: Black Cat Saya
Fate Alive
Yamada is the neighbor of Ayako and her parents in the first Extra Class of the series and in the fifth chapter of the 4th manga. She was asked by Ayako's parents to watch her while they were away.

Bio Edit


Yamada-san is an older woman with short black hair and several loose strands on her forehead. She has small eyes and a rounded face, and she wears a little makeup. 


She is very kind and helpful, telling Ayako's parents to take a week away from home if they need that long. She also comes by to offer the family a bunch of pumpkin she had, but after witnessing Saya's actions under the guise of Ayako's mother she became horrified and refused to return.

History Edit

A while after owning Saya, Ayako's parents had been informed of her grandmother being hospitilized. They called Yamada-san and asked her to babysit Ayako, and she was there while they were busy packing and preparing for the next day. She returned home, and the following day had been told that she was no longer necessary as Ayako's mother was staying home after all.

Later into the story she appears with a large box full of pumpkin for the family. She explained what happened when she noticed how uneasy Ayako was. But as Ayako tried to tell her what was going on, she was suddenly grabbed by "her mother" and thrown backwards, alarming Yamada before the door was slammed in her face.




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