Gender Female
Appearance Period 54: True Intention Candy
Fate Alive
Yori is a character from Period 54. She's a friend of Momo Sakurano.

Bio Edit


Yori has medium-long dark colored hair usually tucked into her scarf and jacket, with short choppy bangs brushed to the side and a few loose strands. She has sharp eyes.


In comparison to her childish friend, Yori is mature and calm, and she tries to keep her from getting out of line or discouraged. Although she comes off as stoic, she deeply cares about Momo and began to resent her as a result of her acting secretive and not wanting to tell her anything, which made her feel lonely.

History Edit

Yori came to collect Momo after class and suggested they check out the chocolate shop to see what they had on sale for Valentines Day. She convinced Momo that before giving up on Watanabe before even trying, she should give him a chance and try to hand-make something for him. She then had to pull her away when Momo began picking on Iwamoto, an unpopular girl who kept to herself and also had feelings for him.

A few days later, Yori was surprised to discover that Momo was spending time with Watanabe, as she didn't tell her like she assumed she would. Momo didn't think much of it and didn't want to tell her the truth -that she was bought the intention candy- unaware that this was frustrating her. Later, when Momo began to notice she was behaving weirdly, she ate another candy to determine that Yori was annoyed by her. The following day, Yori approached Momo to pair together for volleyball, but Momo was uncomfortable with what she knew and feigned illness to leave early.

After Momo winds up in the infirmary, Yori calls her to say she was really worried. Momo accuses her of lying to her, and claims that Yori never thought of them as friends. Yori doesn't deny this, but she clarifies that this wasn't always the case- she hates her secretive side. She didn't tell her about Watanabe first, even though she has always been by her side and always put her first, and she's always been there to listen to her troubles. Any time something good happens to her, she never tells her; so yes, she has always hated her to some extent, because it makes her feel lonely. She always thought of Momo as her friend, she couldn't understand why she did this to her.

As Momo continued to weep, she began to think about the candy and realized she didn't need it to be happy when she had Yori by her side. She decided to earnestly trust Yori and intended on going to see her.




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