Gender Female
Appearance Period 13: Shii-Chan's Diary
Fate Alive
Yosshi is a character of the 13th Chapter of the series and in the first chapter of the 4th manga. She is friends with Rie and Tomoe Miura.

Bio Edit


Yosshi has short hair that frames her face with a very sligh curl on end, and her thin, long bangs are split down the middle. Her eyes are slightly curved. In comparison to Tomoe and Rie, her clothing is feminine with frilly ruffles and floral detail.


Yosshi is quieter than her friends and fairly sensitive, easily worrying over certan things. However she is also kind and tries to keep them grounded, and she has a close bond with Rie. She feels lonely when she notices her start to bond with Tomoe. 

History Edit

While cleaning the room after class Yosshi and Rie chat over how their debate went with Tomoe, who barely listens when she comes across an old, dusty book. She suggests they use it as a diary exchange after Rie tells them of its origin and although Yosshi hesitates, she soon gives in seeing how excited they are.

The following day Yosshi comes across an entry that neither of them wrote and the trio realize that the diary was capable of predicting future events, such as a pop quiz in math. She remains in the background and starts observing Rie and Tomoe bond over the diary after Rie invites them both to her place, and she can only bitterly keep to herself, even as Tomoe attempts to get her to join their discussion and instrument practice.

The next day her poor mood remains and she starts to briskly act around the girls, causing them concern. This behavior, paired with her admitting that she is jealous of how close they are lately causes Tomoe and Rie to assume she intentionally tried to hurt Tomoe after she gets an injury that was described in the diary. She insisted that she had nothing to do with it but it does nothing to help her.

The next day Yosshi approaches Tomoe with an object in her hands, and Tomoe -who was paranoid at the moment- runs away from her in fear, thinking she planned on hurting her. This causes her to fall down the nearby stairs and suffer a deadly injury as Yosshi calls out to her in fright, revealing that she wanted to apologize to Tomoe as Rie joins her.




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