Yuri Ootake
Gender Female
Appearance Period 26: Scarecrow Teacher
Fate Unknown
Yuri Ootake is a classmate of Miu Akino and student of Kiyama. She is a character from the 26th Period of the series/second chapter of the 7th manga.

Yuri indirectly caused Miu and her female classmates to lash out at their teacher after Kiyama-sensei attempted to give her advice that they misunderstood.

Bio Edit


Yuri is shown to resemble a young boy, having big eyes and short hair cut to frame her head with her thick bangs brushed aside.

She is shown wearing casual, gender neutral clothing with textured print. 


Yuri is a quiet classmate and friend of Miu who seems to have low confidence. She is sensitive and easily embarrassed, leading her to cry after Kiyama called her out in front of the class for worrying over what the boys thought. 

However, unlike the other girls of her class, Yuri is shown to be extremely remorseful for what happened to the class, and she didn't agree with their behavior towards their teacher.

History Edit

Concerned over how sick she had been lately, Kiyama asked Yuri in front of the class if she was okay. She's been skipping swim class for a while now and wonders if it's because she's self-conscious. She assured Yuri not to worry because of their young ages and not needing to worry about the opinion of boys, but having been humiliated by this, she cried and the other girls began to lash out at their teacher. Eventually they began to play mean pranks on her with the help of the scarecrow outside, and Yuri was shown to observe their behavior as Kiyama was eventually drove away.

Some time passed when Kiyama reappeared to speak to the girls in hopes of making amends. But when the class realized the scarecrow had gone missing, they panicked and Miu accidentally attacked her, thinking she was the scarecrow. Yuri could remain silent no longer and she hurriedly checked on their teacher before defending her friend, saying that Miu wasn't the only one to blame because they chose to misbehave of their own free will.

She blames herself for not speaking up sooner and tearfully thanks Miu for trying to stand up for her, even if she went about it the wrong way. She suggests they get help for Kiyama when suddenly, the scarecrow shows up in class.

A scarecrow resembling her is seen after Kiyama returns to teach after her recovery.




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