Gender Male
Appearance Period 48: The Sea of Silence
Fate Alive
Yuuta is the younger brother of Liz and appears in Period 48.

Bio Edit


Yuuta resembles his dad but is more youthful, being a young child. He has shor black hair and sharp eyes.


A typical little brother, Yuuta frequently teased or annoyed Liz and he loved spraying her with his water pistol. However, he was shown to be concerned for her whenever their parents began noticing something was off about her.

History Edit

Yuuta first appears spraying water at Liz as the family arrived at the beach. He was very excited and his mom warned him to behave as they went into the room at the Inn they were staying at for the time being.

At the end of the story, as their mom tries determining what could be keeping Liz as they pack to go home, Yuuta is surprised when he thinks he sees a young girl run by. He turns to look but finds nothing.




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