A screenshot of Yomi from the series

Throughout the series, there has been occasional releases of 1-minute long animated segments of the series. These were based on stories from the original manga and Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei.

Original SeriesEdit


Hide-and-Seek OgreEdit

Yomi greets everyone and makes a remark that hide-and-seek can be scary. To demonstrate she shows a young girl named Saki, who was roped into playing the game with younger children, including her brother Itsuki. However, as someone counts and prepares to locate the hiders, she takes notice that if everyone is hiding, none of them could be the seeker. As she glances up in time to notice someone walk by, Saki is snapped out of her thoughts by her mom, who has come to inform the children its time to leave. She calls out for Itsuki but nobody can find him, leaving Saki to express concern.

A bit later, an older man comes by to bring up that Oniko-sama could have snatched Itsuki during the game. She realizes she has no choice, and she stays out late that night to start up a brand new game of hide-and-seek to convince Oniko-sama to return. This seems to work, and as the time counts down she runs to find a safe hiding spot to avoid being found; a trashcan. She waits for a while, then when the coast seems to be clear, Saki wonders if the strange figure left and she slowly lifts the lid, just in time to find a ghostly young girl waiting outside of it.

Yomi warns the readers that from now on when they play hide-and-seek, they should make sure they know everyone playing.

Fun LandEdit

Yuuka and her friends arrive to a theme park they have been waiting to visit for sometime. They loudly enjoy themselves, going on rides and taking pictures, but a male asks them to quiet down because they're so noisy. Yuuka is surprised, but she and her friends insist there isn't a rule saying they can't scream and enjoy themselves. While observing a photo, Yuuka notices a small, strange-looking little girl behind her. She also notes having seen her a lot throughout their time, unaware that she is standing behind them right now. It's then they overhear the guy from earlier yelling out for help, asking if they have seen the little girl. He mentions that her red balloon has gone missing and she asked him to find it. By now Yuuka and her friends are creeped out and they try to leave, but when they see the male from before try to escape, he suddenly becomes so thin that he is lifted from the ground and he floats away.

The girls panic realizing that they must find a red balloon to avoid the same fate and return to the Balloon Coaster. Before stepping onto it, they recall a rumor about a little girl who died accidentally there, and prior to her death she was in search of something. As the girls prepare to go into the building, they are alarmed to find the ghostly girl observing them from within it. Yomi poses with some theme park accessories as she goes on to remark that when one enjoys themselves so much, they must be careful to avoid things waiting to trap them.



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